art by recycle art features a warrior and several other statues made from used automotive parts

Recycle Art

What is Recycle Luxury Art?

 Located in Hermetschwil, Switzerland, Recycle Art specializes in creating incredible art out of automotive trash. With ten disassembled parts per up-to-eight-meter-high sculpture, the company boasts the ability to make anything out of screws, wheels, and other parts from cars and motorcycles, complete with paint and polish so that each piece shines with professionalism.

The sculptures could be as practical as furniture or as purely entertaining as figures from your favorite media. If you’re an animal lover, you can have the likeness of one with sentimental value standing anywhere you’d like. Picture this—a room set aside for a whole zoo of animals consisting of automotive scraps, or maybe you could scatter them around your yard like a never-ending Easter egg hunt.

Gift your better half and other loved ones with special figurines and decorations that they won’t find anywhere else. Perhaps ironically, you can even request a model of a vehicle that you admire—made from the parts of other vehicles.

Honestly, the possibilities are practically limitless. You can have endless fun deciding what to commission. Imagine what a conversation starter it would be to exhibit a dragon made from repurposed car parts just inside the entrance of your home. If you’re a business owner, perhaps you could help it stand out even more by proudly displaying a one-of-a-kind piece of art depicting your logo.

Of course, the company also has a gallery of existing sculptures from which you may choose an intriguing sculpture to grace your halls.

More Details

Switzerland is known for being deeply committed to recycling. It cannot be denied that their approach to it is thorough and innovative. Not only are they determined to not waste any everyday items or irresponsibly get rid of them in a way that’s harmful to the environment, but, as evidenced by Recycle Art, they’ve learned to create stunning art from their leftover non-biodegradables.

With Recycle Art, the symbolism is inescapable; there’s always a way to find beauty in that which is discarded and new beginnings in inevitable endings.

If such motifs alone don’t compel you to part with your money to keep such a sculpture, but you’re nevertheless intrigued by the concept, that’s all right. You have the option of renting some of the sculptures for either short-term or long-term periods to see how you like them. It’s possible for you to buy them during those periods if you decide that you love them enough to do so.

However, you could also just ask for a subscription that would allow you to regularly rent them, having them switched out for different ones every three months. Either way, Recycle Art handles the delivery and collection of the sculptures itself. All you have to do is know what you want.

Maybe you’re still not sure if you want to commit to either a permanent purchase or a temporary rental. In that case, then dare yourself to be convinced by visiting them in person. The company holds exhibitions at least twice a year, and anyone is invited to attend. They also show off their products at other events in every season, all of which are listed under the Events tab on their website. Go, and be inspired.

Buy Recycle Art 

With just an email or phone call, a unique sculpture from Recycle Luxury Art could be yours to rent or own. There’s no information on their website about pricing, but you can contact them directly at +41 (0)56 633 30 66 or to ask.

It seems that they are always taking orders, but they are a busy company, and they are closed throughout all of January. The sooner you commission your luxury art, the sooner you can use it to dazzle and be dazzled.

For More

We are here to answer any questions, for more info, please visit our contact page at Contact Us | to reach us via email or call us at 1-855-533-8697, thank you, and have a great day.