luxury home bars by Jeres features a beautiful wood bar with a glass back

Sick of the Bar Scene?

After a grueling day at work,  I like to stop at my favorite watering hole, enjoy my martini and talk to friends.  Problem is, my friends are not always there when I am.  There is a new craze hitting the states.  Luxury home bars, a lot like a speakeasy.    People just like you and me are opening their own luxury home bars right in the comfort of their homes.  You must be invited by the owner of the home or by a friend who is already on the guest list.  Of course, they cannot charge you for your drinks that would be illegal but they do accept donations.  I have been speaking with my friends to see who has the best accommodations for such an adventure (we all have condos) and funny how no one volunteered.  I guess we will have to keep stopping at the local pub and hopefully meet someone who is up for running their own speakeasy.  If the bar owner bug bites you and you are in need of  a luxury bar check out the luxury bars on the site.




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