Maglev Audio Turntable shows a record levitating on a record player

Maglev Audio Turntable

What is the MagLev Audio Turntable?

MAG-LEV Audio is the company behind the first levitating turntable. The group came together with a single uniting passion, a love of music. They set out to create something that brought the classic past-time of listening to vinyl records into the future by inventing a turntable that flawlessly plays vinyl records.

It began with a simple question. “If a record is played while levitating, would it still make a sound?” Since air provides the smoothest medium possible and no friction, the team envisioned a that a floating turntable could create an optimal listening experience.

The sound produced by the unique zero gravity technology created a unique listening experience that they inventors immediately recognized would redefine the way that vinyl enthusiasts would listen to their prized collections.

It wasn’t just the sound they were experimenting with, however; the aesthetic design was a driving factor.

“We believe that how you listen to music is sometimes just as important as what you
listen to.”

The team is made up of passionate and experienced individuals from various business and artistic backgrounds such as design, production, logistics and engineering. Team members include entrepreneurs and designers Dejan Kos and Klemen Smrtnik from Desnahemisfera design studio, logistics expert Davorin Furlan and technology expert Aleksander Pegan, both from Topsol, a leader in solar technology and green energy.

More Details

The technology behind the magic sound is intriguing. The turntable itself is beautifully designed. It comes with an articulated tonearm and cartridge that allow users to connect to their speakers through the “phono in” receptacle.

To keep your vinyl records in the top condition, the turntable intuitively lifts the tonearm at the end of the record, keeping the records safe from scratches and prolongs the cartridge life as well. The MAG-LEV is designed using a UPS system which protects records and the player even in the event of a power outage. This solution means that if you ever lose power the player will safely lift the tonearm, stop the record and return the platter feet to its resting position.

The drive system is one of the most innovative design features. By using patented technology engineers were able to create a magnetic levitation field while maintaining an incredibly precise and steady platter.

The turntable is as easy to use as it is revolutionary. Simply pick your favorite vinyl record, position the tonearm then lower the cueing lever. Be prepared for the awe-inspiring and uplifting experience of listening to your prized record while you are mesmerized by the levitation.

The turntable is fitted with platter feet. This feature allows the platter to rest whenever the turntable not in use. When the turntable is powered on, the feet elegantly retract. Also included is an adapter for playing 45s and the platter speed can easily be switched from 33 rpm to 45 rpm ensuring you the capability to listen to the records you love —all of them.

Buy MagLev Audio Turntable Products

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $500k in capital, the group brought their first product to the market earlier this year. The model, simply named “BLACK” is available on the company’s website, for the price of €1,112.00.