Mikol Marmi

Mikol Marmi Marble Poker Cards and More

Marble Poker Cards

Mikol Marmi presents the first-ever deck of cards that are made with real natural marble stone. Pretty neat right? This deck of cards is made from the finest quality marble. Mikol Marmi utilized their special technology to bring you these thin, durable, and lightweight playing cards. One card would be about the same thickness as a credit card.

Build and Quality

Each piece of the Mikol Marmi poker cards has been sanded carefully by hand, then they were laser-etched to be the perfect playing cards! This deck of cards is the same standard size as poker playing cards. The deck of marble cards is designed for a collector who has everything, and looking to start collecting something a bit different!

M-Lab Marble Snowboard

Alex Z., a snowboard designer from Santa Monica who has been in the industry for over 10 years, designed the M Lab Snowboard series. The M-Lab Snowboard maintains a playful yet distinct character for every metric. The M Lab is designed to have a medium flex that has a plush and captivating feeling.

Build and Quality

The marble surface of the board will come in either a Carrara marble from Italy or a Nero Marquina marble from Spain. The marble finish will be a honed finish for slip resistance without ruining the alluring aesthetic features of the natural marble stone.

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