MotoArt Airplane Furniture featuring a bed with red blanket with white background

MotoArt Airplane Furniture

Airplanes have always been and always will be cool. It’s one of the ultimate symbols of man’s innovation to best its natural limitations. When the time comes to put these magnificent flying machines into retirement, however, they run the risk of fading into oblivion. But thanks to MotoArt, this doesn’t have to always be the case. In fact, they give these old birds an exciting second life.

What is MotoArt?

Based in the Los Angeles suburb of El Segundo, MotoArt specializes in re-purposing old airplane parts into bespoke pieces of décor and airplane furniture for the home or office. The company utilizes parts of planes spanning different eras to create genuine conversation pieces where the form is re-formed to build an entirely new and exciting function. Every part of the plane is used by MotoArt Airplane Furniture in order to design these unique, artistic products. In their capable hands, the cowling from a DC-10 can be transformed into a sexy circular bed or the wing of a B-52 bomber can become a sleek conference table. Even small, oft-forgotten parts of the plane like engine pistons are re-imagined as elegant desk watches, which could be engraved with a company logo. Their talented in-house art team can even produce a classic piece of “nose art” featuring your significant other as the subject.

Making a Statement

MotoArt’s carefully constructed pieces, which are augmented with wood, glass, LED lights, and other elements to enhance their functionality and aesthetic, obviously provide an instant sense of character to the home or the office. It’s relatively easy to imagine the “wow” factor that would naturally be felt when a houseguest sees a repurposed piece of home décor or when a client encounters such a captivating piece of office furniture. But these pieces do more than just create an impressive statement. They also put forth a unique sense of modern, innovative luxury into a home or office; one that instantly conveys a sentiment that the concept of sophistication is no longer tied to traditional affects. The fact that each piece is totally fun to own is a bonus.

Where to See and Purchase MotoArt Pieces

You can view all of MotoArt’s airplane furniture pieces through their website: MotoArt | Own a piece of aviation history. The company has two American showrooms if you want to get an up close and personal look at what they have to offer; one is in El Segundo, and the other is in the Baltimore suburb of Ellicott City, Maryland. MotoArt also has showrooms in Australia, China, and Malaysia.

If you’re online and you like what you see, you will more than likely have to reach out to the company to get a quote. MotoArt’s website does not feature any actual pricing information on their major pieces. Obviously, the larger and more elaborate the piece is, the more expensive it will be to purchase. Smaller repurposed items like lamps and desktop items typically run in the $150 to $200 range, and larger items like desks and tables start at $5,000. With that being said, MotoArt Airplane Furniture does have a small online store featuring a handful of desk-friendly items with prices attached.

High-Flying Luxury

Even if you merely see MotoArt’s airplane furniture on their website, you’ll be struck by the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into the pieces that they create, big and small. You will also be captivated by the notion that each piece features something that once helped to lift us into the sky. This notion alone will give you the kind of thrill that only an airplane can provide, even if that airplane is served up in a radically different way than regular furniture. Motoart Airplane Furniture is one of a kind.

One visit to MotoArt’s website will be enough to make your interest soar.

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