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Luxury Furniture By Tesalia

Tesalia Luxury Furniture

Tesalia offers an incredible selection of interior and exterior furniture and decoration possibilities:

Those with a refined taste in furniture often have a difficult time finding the perfect piece to fit their dream design. Thankfully, Luxury Furniture by Tesalia provides completely customizable furniture for every room in your house. Tesalia specializes in furnishing and designing exclusive, customized, and unique spaces for individuals with an impeccable taste for high-quality furniture. They offer beautiful, luxurious pieces of furniture for every room in your house.

Sofas and Seating

Tesalia luxury furniture offers a wide variety of rich, luxurious sofas that are designed to harmonize with your rooms. Along with plush sofas, at Tesalia you’ll find sophisticated armchairs and chaise-longues that can create a relaxed, warm, and comfortable atmosphere in your living room. To ensure that your new Tesalia seating arrangements perfectly complement your home’s design, you can choose from hundreds of exclusive styles and fabrics, including materials such as silk, velvet, Kashmir, cotton, and more. Fine leather in various textures and hues is also available.

Luxury Office Furniture

Tesalia luxury furniture also offers furniture for the most luxurious of offices. Whether you crave traditional styles that incorporate solid wood design, or more modern and sleek designs, Luxury Furniture by Tesalia has the office furniture for you. You can work in style behind a high-standing director’s desk while leaning back to think deeply in your plush leather armchair. Work with distinction in your new office from Luxury Furniture by Tesalia.


With Luxury Furniture by Tesalia, your kitchen can truly be the heart of your home. Tesalia will specially design and measure your kitchen so that it perfectly fits your sophisticated taste, from the appliances to the cabinets and everything in between. Whatever you’ve dreamed that your kitchen would be, Tesalia can make it happen.


Lamps can brighten up any room in your home, and Luxury Furniture by Tesalia’s lamp collections are sure to make your rooms shine even brighter. Whether you are looking for a ceiling lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, or wall lamp, Tesalia’s luxurious lighting fixtures will add the extra finish that every room needs. Customize the base of your extravagant lamps by choosing from a wide variety of materials, like bronze, brass, or glass. Then choose from a limitless assortment of materials for the lamp shade, like exclusive silks, brocades, damasks, and laces, to perfectly top your custom lamp.

Garden and Lawn Furniture

Luxury Furniture by Tesalia also has a multitude of furniture designed specifically for the luscious outdoor areas surrounding your home. From sun loungers and deck chairs to tables and lamps, Tesalia’s outdoor furniture is specially designed with exterior upholstery in natural fabrics to withstand the elements. Decorate your pergola, pool, and patio with the highest-quality outdoor furniture available, and promote a tranquil atmosphere in your backyard.

Personal Shoppers Available

To take the guesswork out of designing the perfect space, Tesalia offers the guidance of personal shoppers, who can help turn your design vision into a reality. The personal shoppers at Luxury Furniture by Tesalia are available to go on shopping excursions with you and can guide you through the most exclusive stores in the world. From finding the most exquisite decorative elements, such as paintings or dinner services and glassware, to adding beautiful pieces of furniture for your day-to-day life, Tesalia personal shoppers can improve every element of your home.

Whether you are looking for a perfect individual piece to complement a personal space, or you need an entire design solution to transform a room into something spectacular, Luxury Furniture by Tesalia will guide you every step of the way. At Tesalia, all of your decorating dreams can truly become a reality.

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