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Tytax Gyms

What are Tytax Home Gyms?

Once you have made the call to workout at home rather than join a public gym, you still have to decide exactly what kind of exercise you will do. If you are looking for the ultimate home gym for high-caliber workouts in the comfort and privacy of your own home, look no further than Tytax Home Gyms.

Solely owned by Szultka Fitness, located in Poland, Tytax Gyms are exported worldwide and recognized as unrivaled multi-function machines for weight training. The gyms are available in three models: The Tytax T1-X, the Tytax T3-X, and the Tytax M1. These are innovative machines because of their rugged build, the safety they offer, and their versatile functionality that lets you perform more than 250 quality exercises.

The Tytax T1-X comes with all that you will need to perform more than 200 available exercises, including many unique exercises that other top-quality equipment will not allow you to perform. This enables any category of user, from beginning to advanced, to train at precisely the level they need to reach.

You can find the Tytax T1 in various training studios, corporate fitness centers, college strength training facilities, private homes, and more. It’s a great piece to replace multiple pieces of equipment in a limited amount of space. The Titan T1 needs about a 10’ x 12’ area for you to operate.

More Details

You will find a load of standard features on the Tytax T1 system, including an adjustable sliding bench, a patented Smith machine-hybrid, a counter-balance system, multiple safe spotting methods, and an accessory rack that’s useful for storing various equipment options – with more than a dozen add-ons available, the Titan T1 is not your ordinary exercise system.

Building each Tytax requires more than 130 hours of labor from experienced craftsmen. The system is delivered 30% assembled, which means you will have to follow directions to assemble the rest of your Titan so we can make sure it works properly.

Just a few of the exercises you can do on the Tytax T1 include horizontal leg press, seated vertical leg press, assisted squats, low row, cable crossover pec fly, lat pulldown, assisted pull-ups/chin ups, dips, leg extensions, curls, seated and standing calf raises, and much more. All of these exercises can be completed with or without a counterbalance.

The Tytax’s sliding adjustable bench can be adjusted to flat, incline, or decline. This lets you center the bench quickly for each exercise and ensures symmetry for each arm or leg. All you have to do is move the bench forward by pushing with your legs until you reach the position you want, at which point you can lock the bench into position. This bench is used for several exercises such as incline bench press, decline bench press, flat bench press, leg press, leg curl, leg extensions, free weight exercises, and much more.

A counter-balance system provides resistance for several exercises and can even be used with attachments for assisted exercises. In addition, the Titan ensures safety by coming standard with latch-on safety spotters that can quickly and easily be inserted onto the weight hooks along the front or rear uprights.

Buy Tytax Home Gyms

You can buy Tytax Home Gyms from the company’s own website. The Tytax M1 model starts at $3,750, while the Tytax T1-X model starts at $7,490, and the Tytax T3-X model starts at $8,490. Just load your choice into the shopping cart, and in no time you will see the results of your commitment to working out.

You won’t find a better gym on the market than this impressive machine – order yours today!