Airtime Aircraft

Airtime Aircraft has a passion for aviation and wants to lower the entry barrier and make it as affordable, convenient, and safe as possible. That dedication to safety is evident in every aircraft they build. The Cygnet is one of the easiest ultralight aircraft to fly, and it’s ultralight classification allow unlicensed individuals to enter the pilot seat. That’s not to say that skill and safety are not important, only that the Cygnet opens the aviation experience to a larger group than most other planes. This ultralight trike handles high winds and turbulence extremely well, and its amphibious nature allow it to land almost anywhere.

The Cygnet can reach heights of over 10,000 feet, but part of the appeal comes from gliding only several hundred feet above the ground. The trike can travel over three hundred miles on its twelve gallons of fuel, making it a very fuel-efficient aircraft. Engines aside, the Cygnet also serves as an excellent glider; it can ride the wind down at half the speed of a parachute for a nice, soft landing. The Cygnet is the next step in offering the joy of aviation to the entire world.