Neyk Submarine in the ocean with a yacht in the background

What are Ocean Submarines?

Commercial ocean submarines are advanced submersible vehicles designed for various underwater ventures. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these vessels facilitate deep-sea exploration, research, underwater maintenance, and resource extraction. Their versatile applications include scientific discovery, offshore industry support, marine ecology studies, and laying undersea cables, revolutionizing our understanding of the ocean’s depths.

Neyk Submarine

What is the NEYK Submarine?

 Netherlands-based NEYK Submarine has turned the personal submarine from fiction into reality with its line of luxury, pleasure, and offshore submersibles. Constructed according to the exacting standards of the Royal Netherlands Navy, an NEYK submarine is like a private jet for underwater adventures.

If you enjoy boating, underwater diving, and marine life, an NEYK submarine offers a personal window to the ocean. Whether you’re merely looking for fun and excitement or want to research life under the ocean’s surface, a NEYK submarine can encase you in luxury while you view what’s outside the hatch.

The submarine models currently in production are the Pleasure, Tourist, Luxury, Navy, Offshore and NEYK 9F Luxury Submarine.

All vessels have the same teardrop structure and are made from specialized steel. The company’s high-quality, precision workmanship is evaluated by state-of-the-art, in-house testing.

Personal submarines have a length of 63 feet (19 m), weigh 100 tons, and offer all the amenities of a first-class airline. The vessel’s interior accommodates 10, 12, 16 or 20 passengers. Features include leather seats, a library, a bar, and a galley. The vessel also has heating and air conditioning.

The underwater luxury vessel employs a modular, NASA design, and has been in development for eight years. The first submarine is expected to be finished in early 2018.

The bow of the vessel has a large dome, fronted by forward and lateral spotlights to give everyone a good view of aquatic life. At your request, designers can add more battery life to facilitate longer dives, more searchlights, or flat-screen TVs integrated with cameras.

You can also outfit the submarine with a 3D electronic sonar scanning system.

The personal submarines are designed to make as little noise as possible. The NEYK subs’ steering mechanisms offer a smooth ride and a more enjoyable ride. The private subs have a maximum inner space due to a pressure hull tapered slightly in the rear of the craft.

All NEYK submarines have a handcrafted interior. Designers follow your specifications for upholstery and furniture to make the end experience a pleasure for your guests.

Standard features in every submarine include a roomy interior. The 6.39 feet (1.95 m) height provides enough space for most passengers to walk freely in the cabin.

More Details

 NEYK builds its ocean submarines with performance and safety in mind. The pressurized hull can reach a depth of 984 feet (300 m). Four inflatable air balloons can make the sub rise to the surface.  The spherical viewport offers the pilot excellent visibility with the slender, teardrop-shaped structure.

The computerized system allows the submarine to stay in one location with the use of two vertical thrusters on the vehicle’s dome. Two pods outside the pressure hull house two quiet electrical motors. The pods improve efficiency by five percent and give the submarine lower drag and overall low noise operation.

A high-technology production system and hydrostatics prevent possible vibrations and give each submarine an accident-proof finish.

Every model has room for crew according to its needs. The personal luxury sub has enough room in the cockpit for one pilot; the professional Navy vessel seats two pilots. The Pleasure sub seats one pilot and one co-pilot.

NEYK subs can travel at a speed of up to 15 knots or 17 mph powered by the system’s two 100-kW electric outboard motors.

Buy an NEYK Ocean Submarine

 Read more about the NEYK Ocean Submarine on their website at The submarines are still in the initial production stage, so no prices are available online. Contact the company directly for the price of a specific model submarine.

 Neyk Submarine is made of special steels for corrosive processes. Welding constructions weighing tonnes for very high loads. All this with unexampled precision, made possible by one of the most modern machine parks in Europe. Spatially strictly separated, we work with the very latest materials from plant construction. The high quality is assured by our certifications and the in-house NDT department with state-of-the-art testing equipment.