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Belassi Ride the Storm

Watercraft, encompassing a diverse range from sleek sailboats to powerful jet skis, are vessels designed to navigate aquatic environments, offering a gateway to adventure and relaxation. Beyond their utilitarian purposes of transportation and trade, watercraft serve as portals to exhilarating experiences and opportunities for leisure. Whether gliding serenely across a tranquil lake or cutting through ocean waves with speed and precision, these vessels provide a unique blend of freedom and connection to nature. The sheer joy of the wind in your hair, the rhythmic lapping of water against the hull, and the camaraderie forged on board contribute to unforgettable moments. Watercraft, in their various forms, become catalysts for forging memories, fostering a deeper appreciation for the world’s aquatic wonders, and enhancing the quality of life by inviting individuals to explore, unwind, and embrace the boundless pleasures that the open water has to offer.

Belassi Watercraft

The natural environment of Belassi watercraft is the ideal water ride in all of its forms. The challenge of the waves became the main concept and inspiration for the naming of Burrasca, which is the Italian name for Storm – the expression of an indomitable force of nature that conveys emotions and deep thoughts.

Aggressive, tough, self-confident, elegant, and unique in its style, Burrasca is the result of research and attention to detail, to provide high performance and excitement while riding it.

To put together over 2000 pieces which our Burrasca is made of, needs a lot of passion and creativity. Just like Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Art should walk alongside Science”, hence, in Belassi, all our units are still hand-assembled one by one, but with the support of the latest technology and expertise.

If you want a unique watercraft that is as much fun to look at as it is to ride, this is your chance.

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