Belassi Personal Watercraft is a Super Cool Jetski on a very dark body of water

Belassi Burrasca

The Premier Belassi Personal Watercraft

Nothing beats the exhilaration of ripping through the waters while riding a Belassi personal watercraft (PWC). Aptly named Burrasca, which is “storm” in Italian, the company’s newest product is an unstoppable force of nature that pulls 180-degree turns like no other PWC.

Plus, the Burrasca has plenty of character. Its supercar-inspired design is bound to turn heads on and off the water. You’ll ride the waves in style with the Burrasca’s sleek lines, narrow nose, edgy contours, and luxurious details.

Feel the excitement as its engine roars. Belassi created its very own engine for the Burrasca—the I3C16 that delivers an impressive 333 horsepower. Topping at 83 miles per hour, this baby is ready to race across the waters. It’s the most powerful PWC in the market today.

This two-seater is completely agile as it cuts through every turn. It also boasts convenient features such as GPS navigation, real-time performance tracking, digitally-controlled brake and reverse system, distance control system, and traction control that lets you reduce the engine power.

Beyond the styling and handling, the Burrasca is made to last. Only the highest quality materials are used. Just take a look at the seat frame, side covers, rear spoiler, and exhaust covers that are all made of full 3k carbon fiber. The carbon fiber parts are from the same factory that supplies similar parts for Ferrari and Lamborghini.

None other than György Kasza (2016 IJSBA World Champion) helped design the boat’s hull, which is made up of seven layers of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Nothing is compromised as the Burrasca is built to be both strong and light for maximum durability and performance.

Each Burrasca is unique as you are. Meticulously put together by hand while supported by high-end technology, every unit is made up of 2,000 pieces. You can customize the colors and trimmings to fit your style and needs. Adjust the rear sponsons and steering system to your size. The adaptive ride system also lets you further customize your riding experience.

Every little detail is carefully thought out and executed. For example, the leg rails are deep enough for optimum riding position. The top deck opens up to reveal the engine compartment and oil tank, allowing for easy inspection and maintenance.

With its arresting good looks and aggressive performance, the Burrasca is well worth its $37,325 price. Whether you’re a racer or recreational rider, you’ll have priceless memories enjoying hours of fun, thrill, and adventure aboard this boat. It will be available in 2018—stay tuned by subscribing to the Belassi newsletter.

About Belassi Personal Watercraft

Based in Linz, Austria, Belassi is an elite lifestyle brand dedicated to individualization and craftsmanship. And like a true craftsman, the company focuses on one thing only—designing and manufacturing the best in class luxury PWC.

Belassi delivers an “over the limit” experience by extensively testing its products. We’re talking 400 hours of testing by professional PWC riders and experienced engineers under all imaginable conditions. With such passion for quality and innovation, it’s no wonder that Belassi sets the benchmark for PWC design and performance.