aircraft collectibles by Phighter Images featuring a ceiling fan on the wall


Aircraft Furniture(s) by Phighter Images

Tired of the ugly old ceiling fan in your bedroom? Want to spice up your office conference table with a meaningful update? Bring your passion for aviation into your home or office with aviation furniture or aviation novelties from Phighter Images.

What is Phighter Images – The Premier Aircraft Furniture?

Phighter Images is a company focused on high-end, one-of-a-kind aircraft furniture inspired by airplanes. These aircraft furniture collectibles look incredible and are very practical. They offer custom aviation furniture, aviation gifts, and aviation history display items. For aviation enthusiasts, there is no better gift than a custom piece of furniture or aviation history.

The owner of Phighter Images is Kurt Eldrup. He spent time in the United States Air Force, the Illinois Air National Guard, and the Florida Air National Guard. He served in the 1990 Gulf War. Kurt had a passion for aviation and went to aviation maintenance college in Rockford, Illinois Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and the American Airlines Maintenance college.

He loves the artistic element associated with his pieces, all of them are inspired by aviation and features parts from real planes. Kurt knows every item used in his work has a story to be told. In his words, “the fun part is finding the parts and then building and using the item with the history that comes with it.”

Aircraft Furniture

Aircraft furniture makes the perfect piece for a man cave or an office. In fact, the company was featured on D.I.Y. Network’s Man Cave show. Popular aviation furniture to add to a man cave can be an aviation themed fish tank, jet engine ceiling fan, bar tables, entry tables, and end tables.

Phighter Images also makes unique pieces from jet parts like wall mounts, aircraft seating, and even aviation lighting or drawings. Some highlights include:

  • Ceiling fans made using jet engine parts with large diameters, averaging about 39 inches
  • An aviation theme fish tank made from Pan-Am plane sides and windows
  • Engine mount tables made from pieces of a 1945 PV 2 Harpoon R-2800
  • A business card holder made from engine parts
  • Wood rib tables with metal sides and a tempered glass top
  • Authentic aircraft seating turned into desk chairs or bar seats
  • P-51 Mustang blade display floor mount

If there is a particular piece you have in mind, reach out to Phighter Images. While they have several pieces available, their custom furniture can include parts most important to you. The team works with you on design to complement your home and your meet your personal preferences.

Aviation Gifts and Novelties

The company specializes in a few novelties pieces such as desk mounts, lighting, and wall mounts. These are actual airplane parts like clocks, gauges, and interior lighting. Phighter Images also sells runway signs and aviation novelties. These aircraft collectibles are always one of a kind.

If you are interested in anything to do with aviation, Phighter Images can work with you in finding the right pieces direct for purchase. Did you work at Boeing? Then, your custom furniture needs Boeing parts. Do you love propeller planes? They search high and low for propeller plane parts. Runway worker? They have signs from actual runways.

It is important to note all aircraft items including in projects from Phighter Images are non-airworthy parts and pieces. All of their work is for display use only.

What’s Next?

You can purchase aircraft collectibles, gifts and novelties direct from the Phighter Images website. There are several pieces of furniture available online for immediate purchase. Reach out to Phighter Images to discuss a custom idea if you have one in mind.

Start your search on the website and go from there. No one will have a piece like the one you have from Phighter Images.

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