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Orsós Island

What is ORSOS Island?

Look luxury island living up in the dictionary and there’s a good chance you’ll find a picture of ORSOS Island next to the definition.

Priced at $9.5 million, ORSOS Island takes the best qualities of a luxury yacht and a private island and rolls them into one. You no longer have to choose between a yacht or an island. You can have them both.

ORSOS, the company behind ORSOS Island, was founded in 2012 in Australia. The founders recognized that the vast majority, over 90%, of luxury yachts remain in the same place year in and year out. Their owners rarely take them out into open waters.

Why not, the founders thought, give these stationary yachts a bit of the decadence of a luxury home built on a private island? It’s not like they’re going to be moved anytime soon. And when the owner does decide to move them, they’ll still be able to.

That’s the thinking that heralded in the idea that’s since resulted in ORSOS Islands. In a few short years, this incredible luxury island item has moved from concept to reality.

The best way to truly understand the versatility of ORSOS Island is to look at pictures (or visit one in person). Created to order for each client, every island is unique. Yet they all share the same basic layout. An open floorplan and the inclusion of trees and plants help give the island a more “island” feel.

Each ORSOS Island clocks in at around 10,000 square feet. They’re designed to sleep, a 12-plus crew.

When you grow tired of your current location, moving your ORSOS Island is as easy as hiring a tug boat for a short-distance move. Long-distance moves require the assistance of a cargo ship.

More Details

ORSOS Island is all about the details. The expert team pays close attention to every single square inch to ensure the most luxurious finished product possible.

Chief among the details that make ORSOS Island stand out is its layout. The team designed the island to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Each ORSOS Island consists of three well-planned floors.

Six cabins, each with an ensuite bathroom, take up most of the space on the ORSOS Island. After the kitchen, main living space, and crew quarters, the rest of the island is divided up between a game room, home theater, and an aquarium. Oh yeah, each ORSOS Island also comes with an underwater karaoke suite – how cool is that?

What’s even cooler than the luxuriousness of ORSOS Island is its self-sufficiency and green design. The island employs wind generators and solar panels to provide 100% of its electricity. Even more impressive is a state-of-the-art desalination system that converts seawater into drinking water.

Each and every ORSOS Island is built by local experts who have an intimate understanding of the materials and technology. The company wants every customer to be 100% happy with the finished product. Their dedication to building each island from scratch to your preferences is a testament to this fact.

Indeed, private owners aren’t the only ones excited about ORSOS Island. Groupings of these islands are in the works at locations around the world for use as hotels and residential parks.

Buy ORSOS Luxury Island Products

ORSOS Island doesn’t list prices for its products on its website. However, each island costs roughly $9.5 million and takes around 18 months to manufacture.

If you’re interested in an ORSOS Island of your own, your best bet is to contact the company directly for more information. Their phone number is prominently displayed on their company website.

It just doesn’t get much more luxurious than ORSOS Island. Who wouldn’t want to own their own yacht/private island hybrid?

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