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Oto Cycles Electric Bicycles

What are Oto Cycles?

If you have ever found yourself wanting something more than a traditional bicycle but less than a motorcycle, an Oto Cycle might be just the ticket for you. Oto Cycles is a series of electric bicycles that combine a classic retro style with the modern technology of electric bicycles. Inspired by 1950s craft bicycle designs, Oto Cycles gives you a stylish ride that provides the added benefit of comfortable mobility even in urban environments.

Oto Cycles are perfect for commuting through the city. They weigh just 50 pounds and are nimble and mobile enough to maneuver through traffic and tight spaces easily. They can do all this (plus accelerate up to 30 miles an hour) while you do not even have to break a sweat – the electric motor can do all the work for you if you don’t want to pedal.

More Details

Available in a wide variety of bright and classic colors, Oto Cycles is produced in Barcelona, Spain. They were originally designed by a Barcelona family that has been producing bikes for 15 years. Their goal was to produce a bike that would navigate the busy city streets of Barcelona in both comfort and style; the Oto Cycle is the result. The Otok and Otor are two classic designs that bring an element of sophistication, charm, and vintage appeal to city transportation.

Each Oto Cycle is certified by Applus after comprehensive tests to make sure the electric bicycles comply with electric bike regulations. The bikes are constructed of lightweight steel and include an NCM battery and a 250-watt electric rear hub motor that can be switched on to alleviate the need for you to pedal (a side tank holds the motor and batteries). An LCD powered by pedaling keeps track of your speed and the functionality of the bike. A front LED headlight is a huge help when dusk starts to fall across the city as you travel home.

You can also customize your Oto Cycle to make it your own. Choose the model you want and then pick from the wide variety of colors, along with various tire styles and seat options. You can also add custom components such as leather saddles and grips. Customized corporate versions of Oto Cycles are also available for companies that want to go big with gifts or demonstrations.

Buy Oto Cycles

If you want to make one of the smartest and most stylish transportation choices around, check out an Oto Cycle – you just might be surprised. Prices are not listed on the manufacturer’s website, but you can contact dealers throughout Europe and in Russia, South Korea, and Australia. You can find a list of these dealers on the website as well.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Oto Cycles, get in touch with the company through the phone numbers and contact form on the website page. Oto Cycles are a fantastic way to travel in style no matter where you live – check them out today!

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