Purling London Chess Sets

Purling London Luxury Chess Sets

When accessorizing a coffee table, library, or home office, nothing says sophistication like a home chess set. The traditional chess set is easy to come by, but what if you could get one that’s a bit more special, one that’s unique to you as is your home?

Traditional Chess Sets Meets Modern Art

The history of chess is more than 15 centuries old. It is one of the oldest board games in the world. There are various forms of ancient chess represented in museums all over the world. They are amazing. However, we all agree that times have changed and today, modern art has given artists more leeway in arrangements of design elements, concept expression, and technical execution. There are no written rules and strict obligations that an artist needs to stick to and this has given artistic minds the space to come up with simply amazing forms of art. Even the most traditional items and games that you thought could not get any more fun are getting a modern facelift while still maintaining their functionality.

One shop that’s revolutionizing how we look at chess as a game is Purling London.

Purling London specializes in the creation of modern chess sets. They have collaborated with some of the most talented British-based artists to create top-of-the-class, hand-painted chess sets. Each of the involved artists has a unique approach to chess set creation, leading to highly unique end products. No two sets are the same!

What Sets Them Apart?

Purling London has some of the most unique and imaginative luxury chess sets you will ever encounter. There are many fine art chess sets out there. Most of these sets are beautiful to display, but not functional due to piece differentiation and fragility difficulties.

Purling London luxury chess sets are straightforward to play, recognizable, robust, and built to professional specifications while at the same time, they are beautiful, unique, and contemporary.

Simon Purkis, the Founder and Director of Purling London Ltd says that he started Purling London to challenge art lovers and captivate chess fanatics.

Chess Set Options and Configuration

Bold Chess Set

Purling London has a variety of modern chess sets and among them are Bold Chess sets. These are unique sets as they combine traditional with modern, fusing premium maple wood boards with vibrant hand-carved Staunton pieces. The chess pieces are made of hardwood that is luxuriously finished with branded leather felt.

Couture Chess Set

T. Raymonzrek X Purling London Couture Chess ‘Chemical Warfare’

The ultimate expression of chess and art is represented by Purling London’s Couture Chess sets. Chess as a game usually strengthens the player’s mental clarity. However, Couture Chess, designed by Tony Raymonzrek, an artist, is designed to raise awareness of the dangers of chemical warfare. Blending the game of kings with modern art, the Couture Chess table delivers a serious message in a fun and exciting manner.

The table delivers an unforgettable gaming experience, reflecting the ongoing war over scarce resources such as oil and gold. Players are provided with a gas mask and there is a dirty bomb button that a player can use to immediately vanquish their opponent. According to Tony, this move makes one a winner at the game but leaves him as a moral loser. This chess artwork is designed to raise awareness about modern warfare and advanced military technology.

This ambitious set combines thought-provoking messaging with Purling London’s professional-grade, 34-piece, triple-weighted chess set.

Bespoke Chess Set

They also offer a range of luxurious bespoke chess sets that can be created to fit in and also reflect your home décor, company branding, or simply a theme that you hold close to your heart.

All Purling London products are triple-weighted professional-grade 34-piece, 10.2 cm chess sets. Each set is delivered with a certificate personally signed by the designer/artist.