SeaMax amphibious aircraft in a body of water with a cliff in the background

SEAMAX Amphibious Aircraft

What is SeaMax Amphibious Aircraft?

Say you are a pilot looking for a light sport aircraft that is amphibious (can land on water or land) so you can venture to those hard-to-reach places that make owning a plane worth it: that secluded beach, that mountain hideaway, that remote landing strip near the incredible view.

You want the SeaMax amphibious aircraft that is certified and safe and while you know you’re looking at a significant amount of cash, you don’t want to be taken for a ride. The plane, of course, must also be available for purchase and delivery.

You really have only one choice: the SeaMax M-22 amphibious aircraft. Since the Federal Aviation Administration made groundbreaking regulatory changes to create the new Light Sport Aircraft category of planes, SeaMax has been an industry leader in producing the finest amphibious aircraft.

The company designed the M-22 in 1998, flew a prototype in 2001, and rolled out the first factory-produced model in 2002. Now, with more than a decade of experience behind it, the certification and the ability to procure one make the SeaMax M-22 the most successful amphibious sport airplane in the world.

SeaMax is not content to stop here, however. The company wants to continue to improve its products, making them available to an increasingly growing population that is looking for the next level of recreational activities and adventures.

The SeaMax M-22 is designed and built to deliver an experience for owners and their guests that is at once exhilarating and practical. The amphibious floating hull design allows the plane to take pilots and passengers to destinations in a wide variety of conditions that few other planes can actually reach.

With 21 previous designs and now more than 135 planes flying in more than 50 countries, the SeaMax M-22 is the most proven certified Light Safe Aircraft in the world. Its bold, elegant design combines beauty, safety, adventure, and performance to give you the plane of your dreams.

More Details

The SeaMax clocks in with a maximum speed of 130 mph and a cruising speed of 115 mph. It can cruise for five hours without refueling and climb at a rate of 1,000 ft/minute. The required take-off distance is 400 feet, while the required landing distance is slightly longer at 500 feet.

The plane can hold one crew member, is almost 20 feet long, has a wingspan of 33 ft 6 inches, and weighs 720 pounds with no fuel. It will hold 26.5 gallons of fuel.

The plane has done so well because of the Sport Pilot Certificate the FAA created in 2004. This pilot’s license makes flying more accessible and more affordable for more students, aspiring pilots and even those already certified.

The Sport Pilot Certificate is the first major breakthrough in the piloting world that addresses the cost of training on several levels. Although the license does have some limitations, it is a full license to fly and is the perfect way for recreational flyers to earn a full pilot’s certificate without the huge expense and intensive time commitment of previous years. (The cost is about half the cost of a traditional private pilot’s certificate.)

The SeaMax is the perfect place for those who earn the Sport Pilot Certificate. It will bring you many adventures while still allowing the opportunity for you to continue training.

Buy a SeaMax Amphibious Aircraft

The base price of a SeaMax M-22 is $150,000. To contact SeaMax about purchasing one of their planes, visit the contact page on their website. You can call or email the company with your questions and ultimately place your order.

You know you are ready to escape everyday life in a way that few can. Take the next step – call SeaMax today!

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