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Almost Heaven Saunas

What is an Almost Heaven Sauna?

So you’ve decided you wanted a sauna because you want a pleasant, wooden room where you can sit and enjoy the heat. You don’t want just any sauna, though – you need an Almost Heaven Sauna.

Almost Heaven produces traditional, authentic saunas that give you an exceptional sauna experience every time. Whether you decide to go with wood heat or an electric heater, Almost Heaven Saunas get hot and stay hot. You can choose a dry sauna with low humidity, or a wet sauna, which produces substantial steam by sprinkling water on the hot rocks in the sauna.

You can build a sauna in many ways, but Almost Heaven Saunas are produced exclusively from solid lumber – there are no laminates or non-wood materials to be found. The company uses western Canadian red cedar, which is the choicest sauna wood because of the color, aroma, and texture it provides. Because red cedar is so porous, it is an excellent insulator. The thick red cedar boars the company uses to make the sauna very energy efficient.

Whether you decide to order a traditional indoor sauna or a famous Almost Heaven outdoor barrel sauna, you will get solid wood construction and minimal fasteners. Your sauna will be designed to withstand the wide temperature variations that saunas go through in all types of weather.

Almost Heaven saunas are built by hand at the company’s factory in West Virginia, and you can see the superb craftsmanship in every detail. You will get quality, performance, and excellent value in every sauna the company produces.

More Details

You will likely experience many of the common health benefits of a sauna when you begin using your Almost Heaven Sauna. These benefits include weight loss, toxin release, endorphin release, arthritic relief, an enhanced immune system, better skin tone, improved circulation, good respiratory effects, and more relaxation.

Almost Heaven Saunas are available in both indoor and outdoor models – see the company’s website for a full listing. They ship free of charge in the continental U.S., and they arrive as a kit that you assemble, although the company does some pre-assembly ahead of time. The panel, ceiling, bench, and end sections are pre-assembled the holes are pre-drilled for your convenience.

Two or three people can generally assemble an Almost Heaven Sauna in a few hours, so find a couple of friends, offer them free sauna privileges, and have fun building it. You get a complete instruction and assembly manual with every sauna. Every kit comes with everything you need to assemble the sauna. You will also receive a heater, stones, a light, a bucket and ladle, and a thermometer-hygrometer.

Optional accessories that you can purchase include backrests, leg rests, roof kits, magazine racks, wooden doors, sand timers, scented sauna oils, and more. You can find a full accessories line-up on the company website.

If a standard sauna model does not fit your particular needs, Almost Heaven Saunas can also custom-build a sauna to your specifications.

Buy Almost Heaven Saunas

Every Almost Heaven Sauna comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that protects you against manufacturing defects on all sauna components. This means the company will replace at no cost to you any part of the sauna that fails because of a manufacturing defect.

Prices range from around $4,000 to about $10,000, depending on the model and accessories you choose. To order your Almost Heaven Sauna, contact the company through their contact page on their website or by phone or email.

You are ready to start enjoying your sauna as soon as possible, so call today – your sauna awaits!

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