adventure trailers by sylvan sport featuring a green pop up camper in the woods during a sunset
SylvanSport GO camper trailer near Muley Point in southern Utah.

Sylvan Sport Adventure Trailers

Sylvan Sport Adventure Trailers

Sylvan Sport produces some of the best-designed and built camping and gear trailers on the market. Their “GO” and “GO Easy” adventure trailers are innovative and feature-packed, allowing for camping and hauling bikes, boats, and cargo.

The GO Camper was designed by the Sylvan Sport team to be a truly useful vehicle. They call it the Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers, and the description is apt. The GO trailer will not sit around collecting dust – you’ll find a use for it at every turn. It will solve all of your camping and hauling needs, whether you’re heading out for a weekend of biking, kayaking, surfing or just bringing home a load of materials from the home improvement store down the road. The control-tilt deck lets you load without ramps, and the top can be removed with no tools, turning GO into a true trailer.

At just 840 pounds and featuring a low-profile, aerodynamic design, the GO camper is efficient and well-engineered, meaning you don’t need a giant, gas-guzzling vehicle to haul it. This means you can travel farther, spend less on gas, and have more fun. In addition to all this, GO’s sweet design makes it one of the coolest vehicles on the road.

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In camper mode, the GO delivers the true experience of tent camping, including the feeling of being outside and the sounds and smells of the outdoors. You get another bonus too – this amazing camping experience comes without the drawback of sleeping on hard, uneven ground. A true adventure trailer should give you the best of all worlds. The camper’s lightweight bed and table panels weigh only 12.5 pounds each but can support up to 300 pounds. Custom-insulated, self-inflating air mattresses provide a king bed and a half’s worth of sleeping space – enough for up to four people.

The GO’s innovative drop-down tent system is made of 200D silicon-coated, rip-stop polyester that creates a beautiful, dry, pest-free interior. A secured zipper entry includes a larger zip-on awning, and giant three-layer windows give you perfect ventilation and exposure to the romance of the night.

You can also fold the trailer down and haul a bike, a kayak, a boat, or more on top. The GO’s frame is made of fully tig-welded aluminum and is hyper-engineered. The rack system on top of the GO integrates perfectly with all major rack manufacturer’s products. If you reconfigure the trailer to haul a load, the reinforced aluminum diamond-plate flooring lets you haul up to 800 pounds – perfect even for those heavy loads.

A lockable, waterproof, HDPE rotomolded storage box at the front of the trailer lets you store gear or it can be used as a cooler (it includes a drain plug). The trailer’s excellent suspension and handling make it easy to tow, and its ergonomic coupler and lightweight tongue make it easy to move by hand when you need to maneuver it on your own.

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A fully loaded GO camper, which includes a rear awning, two bed/table panels, four air mattresses, a spare tire kit, four ratchet straps, and more, retails for about $8,500. You have three different options for buying a GO camper: buy direct, buy online, or visit a dealer.

To buy directly, call or stop by the Sylvan Sport Factory in Brevard, NC. To buy online, just add a GO camper to your shopping cart on the Sylvan website. Shipping to your location will be extra. To buy from a dealer (advantages include financing options and servicing), look up Sylvan’s dealer network on their website.

No matter how you decide to buy, you’ll be making the right call with what National Geographic Adventure magazine calls the “Coolest. Camper. Ever.”

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