gun concealer tactical walls a discreet cabinet that hides and secures your weaponry

When a Safe Just Will Not Do

Growing up with a sister who was a police officer I am used to being around guns and we always kept a gun concealer.  One thing I could never understand about owning a gun is that you want to keep it secured, but if you are a victim of a home invasion the intruder will kill you and your family by the time you get your gun out of the high-end safe.

Tactical Walls home defense concealment systems are modern, attractive wall mirrors, shelves, clocks, picture frames, furniture and other home décor items which provide an ideal place to conceal your weapons that can protect you against home invasion. If you are looking for a gun concealer, look no further.

If you are an avid gun collector there is the Tactical TV Lift Cabinet which is a solid piece of furniture that looks like a television stand but actually conceals any number of guns and weapons for your protection.


One thing I do not understand about this product is yes they are concealed but if you have children in the house are they secure?  I guess I need to do more research for the answer to that question.

I have this product listed under luxury toys on Toys for Big Boys,  don’t get me wrong I do not think guns are toys I feel they deserve the utmost respect and hidden from temptation.