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About The Medford Guy

The Medford Guy first started as “Pip’s Knives, ” which quickly evolved into “The Medford Guy”. The Medford Guy has an exclusive Medford Knife and Tool dealer status. The Medford Guy, also known as Jake Smith, has a passion for bad-ass hand-crafted and beefy knives. I guess you could say Smith is practically obsessed with Medford knives. Check out a few of The Medford Guy’s Medford Knives:

Medford Knife and Tool DRESS PRAETORIAN Ti

You could say that this is the best yet Dress Medford to be sold on the market! The Praetorian Ti feels like an absolute treasure when held in the hand. The Praetorian Ti is a one-of-a-kind treasure from ancient times, never to be made again. This has to be the fanciest Medford knife ever made. The Praetorian Ti costs $8,000 USD. Feel the pure bad assery of this knife today!

Knives and Tools by The Medford Guy – Micro Praetorian Ti Diamond Pivot

As seen in duPont Registry Magazine, the Micro Ti is a one-of-a-kind piece with .70 carats of burnished set diamonds located in the pivot. The Micro TI is two-tone with PVD and polished accents, but that’s not all, the Micro Ti has also been contoured. The Medford Guy himself says, “Really one of the most gorgeous knives I’ve seen! Talk about pocket jewelry!”

Coming in at about 2/3 the size of the Praetorian Ti, the Micro Ti offers the same scale thickness and blade as the Praetorian. “You can slip this beefy little monster into smaller pockets, with the same nasty grip and punch of its big brother,” says the Medford Guy. So whether you are looking for a smaller version of the Praetorian, or if you are just looking for a chunky knife, then this knife is made for you! The Micro Ti costs $6,000 USD and is equipped with: Satin D2 steel blade, a Tumbled locking side, a flamed show side, a flamed chip, and flamed Ti hardware.

Medford Knife and Tool – Fighter Flipper

The USMC Fighter Flipper is a rare mix of titanium components, and it is equipped with a blade of 3V heat treated to HRC 58. The Fighter Flipper is a big manly knife, that is both comfortable working as it is cruising around in your pocket. The Fighter Flipper is designed with retro milling on the handles, a drop-point blade, integral pommel to the bearing pressed into the pocket clip. There is nothing that compares to the USMC Fighter Flipper. The Fighter Flipper costs $890 USD.

Total Length: 9.5″

Blade length: 4.25″

Blade thickness: .190″ (3/16″)

Handle thicknesses: .190″ Closed length: 5.2″


Medford Knife and Tool – TFF1

The TFF-1 is an ambidextrous tactical folder. The Medford Guy developed this knife specifically for military and law enforcement personnel. The Medford Guy states, “This design circumvents fixed-blade restrictions and accommodates tactical operators looking for a space-saving knife carry option. This blade is meant to augment or replace a fixed blade and is built for hard use.” The TFF1 costs $700 USD.

Total length: 9 1/2″

Blade length: 4″

Blade thickness: .190″

Blade width: 2″

Scale thickness: 1/8″

Total thickness: 1/2″

Closed length: 5 1/2″

Blade steel: S35VN

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