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Trakke Shelters

Trakke Shelters

The life of the busy person is filled with people, things, activities, and journeys that constitute a constant adventure. For you, the everyday experience of work and play is as much of an adventure as going to the countryside or making a journey to a mountain or forest with friends. To live the way that you do requires a specific effort to purchase and carry accessories that can be relied upon. Trakke Shelters understands this, which is why we make high-quality bags for the modern, active, urban dweller.

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Adventure Bags from Trakke

You may be the kind of person who never knows where the day will lead. Having all that you need to get through the day—wallet, books, iPad, and other gadgets—makes doing so a great deal easier. Most bags wear down quickly under the constant strain of such weight. Contributing to this effect is the constant siege of wind, rain, and sun as you commute from place to place on foot or on your bicycle. Trakke bags hold up well under such conditions. Our proving ground is Scotland, a beautiful country in which one can experience the weather of four different seasons in a single day. The difficult climate of Scotland gives the team of Trakke deep insight into what it takes to make a bag that can withstand the elements and allow its bearer to live as freely as possible, without having to continually replace carrying bags.

Design Concepts from Trakke

Based in Glasgow, Trakke Shelters has reclaimed the ethos that once made Britain the workshop of the world. We hold ourselves to a high standard in design, materials, craftsmanship, and production. We do our utmost to make the words “Made in Britain” mean something again.

We at Trakke love the outdoor lifestyle. We make it our business to make bags that are light, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Trakke is also committed to using materials and processes that are environmentally responsible and qualitatively sound. The more usage you can get out of a bag the fewer times you will need to purchase more bags. This is part of our green strategy: sustainability through longevity.

The kind of bag you buy should reflect your sense of style and fashion. Trakke creates simple designs made of components and materials that guarantee long use. Our bags age but never wear. Over time, your bag will acquire a certain softness and character that will give it a distinctness that you will be able to cherish and enjoy for years to come.

Buying a Trakke Bag

Trakke offers a range of collections and models to choose from. Prices vary, but you will find them quite reasonable given the quality. It must once again be stressed that the bag you will take delivery of is handmade with only the finest thread, cloth, and other materials.

The best way to search for a bag and make your purchase is to visit our online store. The site presents all of the information you need about each bag and gives you the means to order it.

The Trakke Experience

If you are someone who is constantly on the go, it is difficult to find just the right bag. The perfect bag should be one that has a weight and shape that makes it feel as though it is a natural part of you. Whatever you decide to carry in it, the bag itself should not dangle in a way that makes handling it awkward and cumbersome. Trakke has spent years developing bags that meet just those requirements. You will experience nothing but ease, comfort, and pleasure when you use our bags.

For More

We are here to answer any questions, for more info, please visit our contact page at Contact Us | to reach us via email or call us at 1-855-533-8697, thank you, and have a great day.