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Vanderhall Motor Works

What is Vanderhall Motor Works?

Someone looking for an exotic, yet American-made roadster that’s unlike almost anything else on the road today would do well to look at the Vanderhall Motor Works’ Laguna, a limited-edition sleek, three-wheeled roadster that offers exclusivity, excitement, and enjoyment at levels far past what you normally find.

When you buy a Vanderhall Motor Works, you are not just getting a car or a souped-up motorcycle. You are coming into ownership of exotic textiles, a carbon fiber body, a mono aluminum chassis, and a racing-inspired pushrod suspension to die for. Your friends and family will see this machine and their next thought will be wondering how soon you can give them a ride so they can experience this marvel for themselves.

Vanderhall’s exotic auto-cycle is a beautiful piece of machinery that you can make your own with the company’s bespoke build process. You can come to the company factory in Utah to choose everything about your car – the color, the interior, the exterior, and more. You get to create exactly what you want. You can go through the entire build process with the team and up with an auto-cycle customized completely for you.

Your journey to Vanderhall ownership starts with reserving a place in line. Once you fill out the reservation form on the company website, someone from Vanderhall will contact you to set your place in line to buy a Vanderhall Laguna. Once this is set, you can begin the bespoke design process so you can direct your inspiration into a roadster that will be uniquely yours.

Once you have approved everything to your satisfaction, Vanderhall will begin to produce your car according to your specifications. Your journey will end when the car is delivered and you can take her out for a spin!

More Details

Built with an aluminum frame, the Vanderhall’s body and roof are constructed of carbon fiber to keep the car’s weight down to 1,550 lbs. The aluminum frame also helps keep the center of gravity low – combine this with a front pushrod suspension and a rear swing-arm setup and you will feel at home driving a Vanderhall both at on the road and on an autocross course.

The car includes 19-inch aluminum forged wheels in the front and one 20-inch wheel at the back. The turbocharged 1.4-liter VVTi engine has 200 hp and 271 Nm of torque, with a six-speed paddle-shift automatic gearbox.

Pricing starts at $77,000. For that price tag, you get heated seats, full climate control, and a 600-watt stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity. As the buyer, you get to build the car from the ground up. You can do this virtually or the company welcomes you to visit their facility to choose your interior and exterior color, along with making many other decisions.

Buy Vanderhall Laguna Roadster

The bespoke motoring experience Vanderhall offers is merely an extension of who you are. The company is passionate about each vehicle they produce, and they are pleased when they can make an exclusive, refined addition to your lifestyle.

To reserve your spot in the Vanderhall Laguna assembly line, contact the company through their website, and a representative will respond to you. If you are serious, you will put down a $5,000 deposit, after which you will confirm the specifications of the car you are buying (before it is produced)

The balance of the $77,000 price tag is due before your Laguna leaves the factory. Delivery to the United States is included in the price, while international shipping is also available at an extra charge.

Call Vanderhall today to take advantage of the opportunity to own your own Laguna!

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