watercraft by Platypus craft shows a blue catamaran type in a large body of water

Platypus Craft

The Platypus Craft is a revolutionary underwater watercraft concept for the exploration of shallow water:

What is a Platypus Watercraft?

One of man’s oldest dreams is to float in the company of underwater organisms in their own environments. We scuba dive and build submersibles, but now there is an easier, more accessible way to visit underwater realms with the Platypus Craft.

The Platypus Craft is a revolutionary watercraft concept that allows divers and underwater enthusiasts to explore shallow underwater depths by riding a monohull submerged underneath a catamaran-style boat. The ride is almost like an underwater jet-ski.

What’s the Watercraft Designed For?

This new underwater vehicle is perfect for exploring shallow areas such as a coral reef or areas close to the shore of an ocean or lake with clear water. The central monohull is connected to the two arms of the catamaran. When riders are ready to submerge, the central hull descends into the water while the catamaran hulls remain on the surface.

Participants do not need any special skills or licenses to ride the Platypus Craft – they just have to hold on. They do not even need special diving equipment. Oxygen is delivered to riders through built-in hoses hooked up to the floats – an electric hookah system of sorts. Riders’ heads can go as low as 30 to 80 cm below the surface of the water.


Safety is paramount with the Platypus Craft – propellers are enclosed in a cage to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Types of Uses for Our Watercraft

The Platypus Craft can be used to study underwater wildlife in a close and personal manner, allowing tourists or scientists to observe fish and other organisms in their natural environment. A future version of the Platypus Craft is planned to include a shark cage to protect scientists from hazardous encounters.


Another practical use is the professional working platform that the Platypus Craft Watercraft provides, enabling workers to reach equipment that needs to be worked on that may be located in shallow water, such as the turbines for energy facilities. The craft would also be a benefit for the aquaculture industry, allowing easy access to oyster farms and more.

Disabled divers can also use the Platypus watercraft to enjoy a sport they previously did not have access to. The boat’s developers are working with a former F1 driver who is now a paraplegic to develop applications allowing disabled individuals to participate.

Business Idea

Rental companies can also buy the Platypus to rent out to recreational boaters who want to experience the thrill of submerging themselves underwater.

How a Platypus Craft Works

The Platypus functions as a normal boat on top of the water. When the monohull submerges, the rider gets to experience the immediate sensation of being part of the underwater environment and seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

The Platypus watercraft is available in an electric model with a range of about 25 miles and a top speed of five knots. It is also available in a high-power electric model with a range of 30 miles and a top speed of 10 knots.

Finally, the Platypus is made with a four-stroke engine. This model has a range of 50 miles and a top speed of 14 knots.

Optional features on the boat include a central platform sundeck, a GPS/wifi, underwater cameras, a periscope, masks, and an underwater communication system.

Buying a Platypus Craft

The Platypus has been developed by a French company. Prices start at 50,000 Euros (about $56,000) and go from there, depending on the particular model and the features desired.

The Platypus has many practical uses, but let’s face it – it’s just fun to ride a craft that will take you underwater. The craft can be yours today!

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