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What is the Wineemotion Wine Dispensing System?

Serving wine comes with its challenges. No matter where you are, people want a drink. It’s the quality you want to uphold while making the service most profitable. That’s where Wineemotion comes in.

The wine dispenser system does several things. For one, it enhances the quality of what you drink by keeping it at a perfect temperature. Set the right temperature based on the type of wine you’re serving. A cleaning device is also included, so you meet the most stringent hygiene standards.

Oxidation is another problem. It begins as soon as you open a bottle. With Wineemotion, each bottle is exposed to inert gas and does not have the same exposure that would reduce its quality. Little is wasted as the system regulates dose control. Program exactly how much you want to pour every time, to control inventory and how much staff can serve. You therefore maximize profits and eliminate the costs and losses of wasted products. At the same time, aroma and attractive scents are preserved for up to 30 days, thanks to the ISOL-PLUS system.

Wineemotion is based in Italy and has produced innovative wine dispensers for over 10 years. Its founders, Riccardo Gosi and Fabio Frasi, have extensive experience in the wine field. Their knowledge has gone into creating quality models based on real-world experience.

More Details

The Wineemotion Dispensing System comes in two different collections. Both include efficient isolation and a double thermal glass screen. This panel serves as the unit’s door, so you have full access to all products inside. Series 2 is supplied by a bottle of Argon. It provides a selection of one or three doses. Models include the Quattro with four bottles in line that work with ambient temperatures or refrigeration systems. The 2+2 also has four bottles in line but has a double climatic chamber.

Other features of the Series 2 include a pneumatic lifting system for bottles. The system and controls are illuminated by a white LED.

Accepting nitrogen or food argon, Series 3 models offer the same features and options such as a biometric fingerprint identification system. They are also available with a key lock, LAN or Wi-Fi connection, and personalized screen-printed graphics and textures. A color LED lighting system in the glass can be adjusted, while lighting effects are an additional option for home automation systems.

If you want, operate Series 3 wine dispensers with a wine card. Another option is a chip card RFID system. Models include the compact QUATTRO + 4, the OTTO with integrated wine card and fingerprint technology, and the CINQUE with climate control for five bottles. These add even more possibilities to wine dispensing than ever before.

Buy the Wineemotion Wine Dispensing System

Wineemotion offers customers the advantage of customizing each model of its wine dispensing system online. As each model is customized, prices will vary. The main thing is you have a wine dispenser that meets your exact requirements. Each model is expertly made in Italy.

Sales and service/maintenance are available in multiple countries. In the USA, Rinaldini Distribution is an expert in automated wine dispensers and provides you with top-notch sales assistance and maintenance. Wineemotion has teamed up with providers in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. It’s working with those in Singapore, Australia, and the Russian Federation as well.

The Wineemotion Dispensing System is available now with more models to come. In fact, the company was chosen to feature its product at Expo International 2015 – Milan, where it is serving 1,300 wines. Experience a new height in wine dispensing and even create your own model online.

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