wine cellars by spiral wine cellars features a wine cellar in a floor with hatch door opened

Spiral Wine Cellars

What are Spiral Cellars?

Spiral Wine Cellars offers a growing portfolio of unique, in-home wine cellars to meet your space, collection, and design preferences. Their eponymous cellar is a space-saving way to add a wine cellar to your existing home without having to install an entire basement. You can also design your own cellar, or if you have room above ground, Spiral Cellars can design and install a custom wine gallery specifically for your style, home, and collection.

The possibilities are endless, and they’re closer than you think.

More Details

Spiral Wine Cellar models are natural underground cellars built from smooth concrete and fitted into the ground below your home. They can be installed under any ground floor room to make a seamless transition below ground. The company can either do the excavation themselves or the homeowner can have their builder dig the hole. Installation is clean and efficient, with little mess. Most installations take from three to nine days.

The cellars use a natural passive ventilation system to maintain optimum humidity levels. Just like a natural cellar, Spiral Wine Cellars absorb the natural ground temperature. This is the perfect way to store up to 1,900 bottles of wine in an exceptional environment.

Several depth options are available, depending on how much wine you want to store. A range of impressive doors, lighting, and accessory options can take the cellar to a spectacular interior design feature rather than just a wine repository. You can also opt for a hidden look if you don’t want the cellar to become a focal point.

With a Spiral Wine Cellar, you’ll never have to worry about running out of room to store your wine, and you’ll have the opportunity to truly indulge your passion and see your entire wine collection at once, in a beautiful environment. Spiral Cellars will also add a unique selling feature to your home if you should ever decide to move.

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