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Killerspin Ping Pong Table

Ping pong tables, singles or doubles, topspin or backspin, no matter the style, Killerspin is your ultimate destination for those who want to learn the game or those looking to evoke past table tennis glory.

Killerspin was founded by Robert Blackwell Jr. in Chicago, Illinois back in 2002. Robert had a deep passion for ping-pong tables and saw the potential for growth.

Serving the Competition

To have a great ping pong tables game you only need two things: excellent equipment and enthusiastic players. No matter how crude your skill is, Killerspin equipment will get your competitive juices flowing.

Killerspin table tennis equipment experts have developed top-of-the-line ping pong equipment running from ball-throwing robots, and cutting-edge designed tables to RTG paddles. Whether you are a newbie or you have years of experience, Killerspin equipment will definitely awaken the champion in you.

Killerspin offers a wide range of balls to fit various skill levels. For instance, recreational players and beginners alike will enjoy using the 1- and 2-star balls that are ideal for training and casual play. However, if you are an expert player then you will appreciate the quality of the 4-star line tournament-level balls.

You cannot talk about table tennis without talking about the table itself. Killerspin specializes in the production of tables and they have a wide variety from tournament-ready Revolution line to family fun MyT line tables. The throw robots and the ball-collecting tools provide the finishing touches of their incredible catalog of table tennis equipment.

Accessorize Your Play

Sometimes what you need to make your play even better is the right accessories. Killerspin has a variety of accessories: bags, cases, nets, rackets, and many more. A branded bag, for instance, is not only cool but also functional as it will perfectly fit all your table tennis gear and more.

Style Meets Comfort!

The California-based company also offers a whole lot of apparel, including highly comfortable shoes, branded t-shirts, and more.

If you are a beginner then you need to know that wearing quality branded apparel will give you both psychological and physical edge.

Whether you are shopping for him or for her, Killerspin has a huge selection of towels, pants, hats, wallets, jackets, and shirts expertly tailored and designed with practicality and style in mind. The apparel is crafted of the best available materials.

Take elegance to the next level with Killerspin’s Artist Line shirts that are specially designed by renowned artist Michael Meyzan. Bruce Lee table tennis accessories and line of clothing are also available. Table tennis played an important role in the life of the renowned actor and Killerspin honors his life with a string of products.

Boost Your Play

Even if your play is less than impressive, Killerspin has onsite ping pong table tennis pros that will guide you through the basics, teach you the strokes, and how to serve, take you through different strategies, and answer all questions that you may have. Killerspin cares about developing their guests’ skills and they do a perfect job with their tips and training. The Killerspin skill training section is beneficial to players of all skill levels.

Cool Confines

Killerspin table tennis equipment might just be what you need to make you home more homely or even transform your work place to a “fun to be” place.

If you are looking forward to team building, you should consider doing something different, something interesting like booking the Killerspin House – the hottest spot in Chicago.

The Killerspin House is perfect for special occasions, private parties, and company gatherings and you can rest assured your guests will be wowed with a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. The house is a multi-purpose space centered on the hottest action sport and is complete with Killerspins, world-class table tennis equipment.

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