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The Yurt Cabin

What is a Freedom Yurt Cabin?

If you have ever dreamed of owning a getaway cabin but could never make it happen, this could be your big opportunity. A small place of your own, tucked away in a cozy spot in the woods, or maybe just a backyard retreat where you can have your own space away from everyone else.

If this is your dream, you are now in a position to make it happen with a Freedom Yurt Cabin, the first solid wall yurt to be sold at a competitive price with similar fabric yurts. Owning a cabin isn’t just for the super-elite – with a Freedom Supply Cabin, the rest of us can have our own cabin as well.

While traditional fabric-walled yurts have their place, Freedom Supply Cabins has combined innovation and durability to produce a superior yurt they call a “Yurt Cabin.” It includes solid walls, an integrated flooring system, true insulation, round wood frame and rafters, actual house windows, and a wooden ceiling with a tongue and groove look. All of this combines for a distinctive cabin that is engineered for strength and longevity.

Worried about assembly? Don’t be – putting a cabin together doesn’t get any easier with the Yurt Cabin’s built-in floor system and cabin design that bolts easily together.

Don’t be concerned about impacting the environment, either. The Yurt Cabin has a light foot footprint and does not even require cement footings like many yurt installations. Stepping stones and special earth anchors do the job nicely. This means you can later relocate your cabin with truly minimal impact.

The round wood frame is constructed of Lodgepole pine harvested through healthy forest programs, and the tight construction, real insulation, roof, and door, along with the double-paned low-e windows make the cabin both comfortable and energy efficient.

More Details

Many yurt manufacturers say that you can build their yurts in just a day or two. They conveniently forget to mention that the platform is the most difficult part – this takes the average do-it-yourselfer a week or more to finish before they can place the yurt on top. With the Yurt Cabin, the entire structure is engineered as one integral unit from the ground up. This makes the installation process simpler and quicker.

The Yurt Cabin also comes with an engineer’s stamp of approval – you will receive a set of your cabin’s plans stamped by an engineer who is licensed in the state of Colorado.

A full palette of Sherwin Williams paint colors is available for exterior walls, with hundreds of Sunbrella Marine fabric colors to choose from for the valance and door awning. You can also choose your favorite color for the interior textured walls, while the wood frame and ceiling are finished with a beautiful medium brown wood stain.

Buy Freedom Supply Cabins

When you buy a Freedom Supply Cabin, you are getting a complete kit that includes everything you need for three people to assemble the entire cabin on a weekend. With the innovative design of Freedom Yurt Cabins, you don’t need a separate platform – this pricing includes everything. Freedom Yurt Cabins are available in models of 12 walls (217 square feet), 14 walls (296 square feet) and 16 walls (387 square feet).

All models include tall walls, house windows, roof fabric, a snow and wind kit, wall and roof insulation, a dome lifter, and an awning for the entrance. Optional upgrades include an extra window, a tinted dome, and a fan mount.

The 12-wall model costs $15,995, the 14-wall model is $17,995, and the 16-wall model is $19,995. Freedom Supply Cabins make the perfect cozy getaway – buy one today!

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