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Ski Bikes

SNOGO ski bikes redefine winter recreation by seamlessly blending the thrill of downhill skiing with the agility of mountain biking. These innovative hybrid machines feature a lightweight frame, adjustable bindings, and a front ski for steering, coupled with a rear suspension mountain bike wheel for stability. Ideal for riders of all skill levels, SNOGO ski bikes offer a novel way to conquer snowy slopes, providing an exhilarating alternative to traditional skiing or snowboarding while enhancing maneuverability and accessibility in winter sports.


What are SnoGo Bikes?

You love winter sports, but you’re ready for something new, or maybe you love the sensation of flying down the mountain, but you want a little more stability than a pair of skis or a snowboard offers. Welcome to SNOGO! SNOGO bikes merge snow skiing with downhill mountain biking. The familiar motions of mountain biking that you have known your entire life are brought together with snow skis that work in all kinds of conditions so riders of any skill level can have a blast shooting down a mountain. Whether you are brand-new to the slopes or an experienced skier, you will find the SNOGO exciting and easy to learn. You’ll be equally at home enjoying a low-impact scenic tour of the mountain or a hard-charging day of shredding the hill with your buddies.

Ski Bike Design

SNOGO uses a three-ski blade platform with an ingenious new design to give you a stable, reliable ride over the snow. Handlebars over the front blade let you steer, as does leaning in the direction you want to go. The design easily follows your movements with perfect control no matter the terrain. You’ll be stable and comfortable without extra bulky equipment and you don’t have the timeless skier’s worry of catching an edge. The bike’s unique design allows you to turn, carve, and stop just like skiers. You are essentially skiing with the two back skis like you normally would – the front ski helps out by adding support, stability, and control. SNOGO’s engineers, mechanics, and designers have brought more than 50 years of experience in building a bike with attention to every detail. You’ll have a responsive, fully immersive recreational experience like never before.

More Details

The ski bike dates back 150 years, but SNOGO is advancing the model through next-generation research and production to produce a safe, functioning ski bike that will provide a stellar snow experience for both entry-level and veteran riders. To achieve the most stability and protection, you should wear snowboarding boots on the SNOGO. Make sure your boots are supportive with thick and durable rubber tread – this will provide the best safety measures. As with any downhill snow sport, wearing a helmet is absolutely crucial. You will be attached to the SNOGO with a leash that keeps the bike close to you in the event that you do fall off the bike at any point during your downhill ride. You might wonder about using SNOGO with the chairlift, but we have that covered as well. The bike includes a chairlift hook at a standardized chairlift height so the seat on the lift will pick the bike right up. The hook has been engineered to counterbalance the bike, which prevents it from falling off the lift. Once you are on the lift as well, you can secure the bike by keeping both hands on the handlebars. When you’re ready to head home, a quick-release system lets you disassemble the bike in less than 30 seconds for easy storage and transportation. With the SNOGO ski bike, you will awaken a passion for the snow and a deep love for the outdoors. You’ll feel alive in the mountains, surrounded by beauty as you hop on your SNOGO for your next run – order one today!

Buy a SnoGo Ski Bike

SNOGO is currently available through a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter packages that include the actual bike itself start at $1,299. Check the campaign out to support SNOGO and order your bike. SNOGOs are scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2016. SNOGO wants to provide more access to winter sports on snow-covered mountains for more people. As the snow community evolves, they’re ready for new experiences. SNOGO respects tradition while embracing evolution – join the journey today!

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