Backyard Train Company orange and black train going down the railraod tracks

Backyard Train Company

What is the Backyard Train Company?

You know how kids are fascinated by trains? They love hearing train whistles, they’re captivated when they watch an engine, cars, and a caboose roll by and they probably have a training model (or two or three) at home.

Some people never outgrow that fascination and love trains throughout adulthood. Some even gather together in clubs throughout the United States to operate scale model trains. For those enthusiasts, Backyard Train Company is your dream come true.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Backyard Train Company builds and sells trains at a 1” scale (that’s a one-inch scale, or a 1:12 size model, where one inch equals one foot) with 4.75” track gauge and 1.5” scale with 7.25/7.5” track gauge. Models include all-steel electric diesel locomotives and riding stock (regular train cars).

If you have ever dreamed of owning your backyard railroad that you (or your kids or grandkids) can ride on, or if you want to run a locomotive at your local train club, you have come to the right spot!

Backyard Train Company caters to model railroad enthusiasts who like to run scale model trains, along with those who like to build and maintain model railroads and the live steam hobby industry.

Maybe you wanted to be an engineer when you grew up, but you never had the chance. Even though you’re a big boy now, the dream has not died – with 1” scale trains, even a standard suburban yard is big enough for a track that circles the house. If you have an estate with acres of room, so much the better!

More Details

All Backyard Train Company models are designed by CAD after real prototypes and include many real details like die-cast latches, fully sprung trucks, and traction motors. They use state-of-the-art technology (like laser sintering) to create even more details such as exhaust stacks, grab rails, and hinges.

The 24v drive system they install in trains is their design. It uses modern hi-freq regenerative braking control so it will last longer. It includes silent operation and Backyard Train Company uses it exclusively on all their trains.

You can design your backyard train by pulling together various engines and riding stock. Many Backyard Train Company customers like to customize their engines and cars with paint jobs, accessories (including seats), and more. Get some friends to go together to work on a project – most 1” scale models are large enough to ride and enjoy, but small enough that a couple of people can lift them without any trouble. Your friends will be fascinated by your new hobby, and you’ll be the talk of the town. Plus kids of all ages will love your train and you’ll have built-in entertainment for years.

Buy Backyard Train Company Products

Prices for Backyard Train Company products range from about $700 for a standard flat car up to several thousand dollars for larger engines. The company also sells a wide variety of parts and accessories for the trains they produce, so check their website or call for more details.

To order a Backyard Train, visit their website. Some items are available to buy online, while others require you to fill out the contact form on the website or call the company on the phone.

However you get in touch, make sure to do so today! Backyard Train Company is not just in the business of trains – they are in the business of making dreams come true. With 1” scale rideable trains perfect for your backyard, your dream of becoming an engineer is about to come true!