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Black Hawk Paraglider

Black Hawk Paraglider

What is Blackhawk Paragliders?

Want to fly but don’t want to go to the time, trouble, and expense of earning a full pilot’s license? Black Hawk Paragliders is the way to go! It’s the cheapest, safest, and most convenient way to possess your own personal flying machine. It takes less than a week to learn how to operate, and you can do so without a pilot’s license!

So what is a powered paraglider, you ask? It’s basically a parachute with a backpack motor, or picture a motorized version of paragliding. With a foot-launch unit, the pilot wears a backpack-style two-stroke motor and must physically run in order to launch into the air. With a quad or trike unit, the motor is actually attached to a go-kart-style platform equipped with wheels.

Black Hawk Paraglider (USA) is one of the biggest powered paraglider manufacturers in the world, and they can help you determine which style and equipment is best for you. Many factors play into the decision about what you should buy, including weight, age, takeoff elevation, physical ability, and flying style.

While you might be familiar with parasailing from the beach, sky diving from a plane, base jumping from cliffs and wing suits, powered paragliding is new to many people. It’s not necessarily about thrill-seeking – it’s actually all about low and slow leisure flights. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to participate, either. Anyone can do it!

It takes most people 3 to 5 days to properly learn how to operate a quad-powered paraglider safely, with foot launch taking a couple of days longer. Black Hawk Paraglider not only sells glider equipment, but they also offer National Training Centers throughout the United States to instruct people on how to fly. (Check their website for the location nearest to you.)

You do not have to have any sort of license to become a Black Hawk Paraglider pilot. In addition, there are no insurance requirements, no hanger fees, and no annual inspections, all of which save those who want to fly thousands of dollars as opposed to becoming a traditional pilot.

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Most pilots average about 45 to 60 minutes of flight per gallon of gas. This means that with a standard 3.5-gallon tank, you could fly from 2 to 4 hours, depending on factors such as throttle use, headwind speed, payload, fuel efficiency, glide ratio, the size of your engine, flying style, and glide ratio.

Many pilots like to climb to a high altitude, turn their motors off, and fly for hours on thermals. Then once they descend to a low value, they can restart the motor and repeat the whole process.

BlackHawk offers a powered paraglider training course that is among the best industry. With a decade of experience and hundreds of students taught, they know how to best teach each individual. Ninety percent of their students are comfortable confident and ready to fly after their BlackHawk course, which provides the skills and knowledge you need.

You will learn about equipment, how to launch, how to land, and much more. You will also learn the fundamentals of maintaining your flyer, the weather, how to maneuver, and many other tricks that would take much longer to learn if you did not take advantage of Black Hawk Paraglider’s expertise.

Buy Black Hawk Paraglider Products

Buying a paramotor is the most affordable way to own a personal aircraft. Black Hawk Paraglider is the only manufacturer that sells complete paramotor package deals starting at $6,995, including the glider! Other equipment and packages are available as well – check the company’s website for more details.

This price is at the same level (or less) than what it would cost to buy a motorcycle – imagine the excitement and potential you can achieve with your own personal flying machine!

Hi, and welcome to My name is Joshua Zimmerman, your product specialist. And today, we are talking about something that is very cool. I know we’ve all dreamed of flying. We’ve all dreamed of being Superman or strapping a jet pack to our backs and being The Rocketeer or even just being a bird, feeling the wind on our face, and having that bird’s eye view. But now, today, we can achieve it with the BlackHawk Paragliders. What this is is powered paragliding. So you are strapped into a huge parachute, gliding through the air with a large fan on your back. So you not only have just the falling sensation of freefalling with the parachute, but you have control over your lift. You have control over your yaw. You have control over your tilt. It is quite a complete flying experience, and it is the safest and most convenient way to fly. No pilot’s license is required, so as soon as you get the BlackHawk Paraglider, you get out there and you can get in the air. Now, most people take about three to five days to learn the basics, but BlackHawk does offer national comprehensive classes. And I highly suggest if you have one or if you’re thinking about purchasing a BlackHawk, you take advantage of these classes because that’s what they want. They want to teach you how to launch. They want to teach you how to land, They want to teach you how to maneuver, and much, much more. This will take a lot more experience than these classes would take if you didn’t want to take them. So definitely check them out. You will be glad you did. Now, a single tank of gas will get you about two to four hours of flight time in the air, which is quite astounding. You can spend an entire day with a bird’s eye view, looking over your city like a king, and that’s what we all want. We all want that freedom and the BlackHawk gives us that freedom of flying. Now this is cheaper than most motorcycles and more affordable. So if you ride a motorcycle, but you still want to be a master of land and now you want to be a master of air, check out the BlackHawk paragliders. It is a one-of-a-kind experience. I know you’ve probably seen them while driving over the highways. I’ve seen people, and I wondered how these people flew through the air with these gliders and these fans. It is the BlackHawk Paraglider. Now you know. I’m excited to try one myself. Once again, for Toys For Big Boys, my name is Joshua Zimmerman, your product specialist. I hope you have a very great day.

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