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Personal Watercraft

Personal watercraft, commonly known as jet skis, have become synonymous with exhilarating aquatic adventures. These compact and agile vessels offer a thrilling way to explore waterways, from serene lakes to coastal oceans. Ideal for both leisure and adrenaline enthusiasts, personal watercraft provide an unmatched experience of speed and maneuverability. Their versatility makes them perfect for solo rides or group outings, fostering a sense of freedom and connection with nature. Owning a personal watercraft opens up a world of aquatic possibilities, blending excitement with the joy of aquatic exploration.

Bomboard Jet Ski

What is a BomBoard?

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day and you want to head to the lake (or maybe the beach) for a little fun on your jet ski. The only problem is that you don’t own a jet ski. Even if you did, you wouldn’t have a way to haul it because you don’t own a trailer either. Your car doesn’t even have a trailer hitch on it.

After you buy a BomBoard, your struggles will be a thing of the past! The board looks like a jet ski, but it’s the only personal watercraft you can just throw in your car and go. No need for a trailer or a hitch – just some trunk space will do nicely thanks to a modular design that allows you to easily disassemble and assemble the BomBoard for a grand time.

BomBoard is engineered to provide outstanding customer value. It’s thrilling, modular, storable, versatile and comfortable. It’s even affordable!

If you were born to be fast and are looking for a true thrill ride, look no further. The BomBoard’s low center of gravity means you are low to the water. When you hit a speed of more than 40 mph, you can make super-sharp turns and incredible freestyle maneuvers with more ease than you would imagine.

You can ride this water toy in one of three ways: sitting, standing, or kneeling. If you prefer sitting, you can ride go-kart style. If you like to kneel, you can go crotch-rocket style and if you enjoy the classic surfboard style, stand up to ride! Beginners may want to start out sitting down, but the path to the more advanced rider is smooth and easy – just like you want the water on the lake to be when you head out for the day.

More Details

With several colors, graphic design, and seat options available, you can customize your BomBoard just the way you like it. The modern-designed 450 cc engine produces about 45 horsepower (it’s actually a dirt bike engine) and can get you to speeds of 45 mph with a 150 lb rider. The engine is a clean 4-stroke with electronic fuel injection, and the BomBoard is permitted wherever powerboats are allowed to travel on waterways.

Fresh and Salt Water

You can take the BomBoard in both fresh and saltwater. Because it is lightweight, it balances nicely on top of large ocean waves, which gives you more up-and-down motion and higher, more thrilling air moves off the waves!

Whether you live in a city with limited storage space or own a waterfront home, the BomBoard is perfect for you. Transporting, launching, and retrieving a personal watercraft is traditionally a hassle, but the BomBoard relieves all those pain points with its modular design. It lets you feel the freedom of the water with ease and gives you a new, exhilarating perspective on life as you skim over the water, wind in your hair, and sun on your face. This is living!

Buy BomBoard

You can buy BomBoard for $3,995 (or finance it with payments of $99 per month). Check the company’s website for details on how to buy. A limited edition early adopter price of $2,495 is available for those who get in on the deal early, so don’t wait! Units should be available in 2016.

The cost of a BomBoard is low because it is designed with lower-weight hull materials so a smaller engine can still reach the same performance levels as that of a traditional personal watercraft. Selling the BomBoard directly from the factory saves the cost of a middleman as well.

In short, you really have no reason not to make the BomBoard your next purchase. Call today!

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