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Call Encrypting Cellphones

In an era dominated by ubiquitous connectivity, the imperative to safeguard our communications has never been more critical. Call encryption for cell phones emerges as a paramount solution, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of our conversations.

As technological advancements continue to proliferate, so do potential privacy threats. With the escalating risk of data breaches and eavesdropping, owning call encryption products becomes a non-negotiable necessity, fortifying our digital conversations against unwarranted intrusion and upholding the sanctity of personal communication in an interconnected world.

Kryptall Cell Phones

What is KryptAll?

When most of our communication these days is on cell phones, you cannot be too careful about privacy, especially when you are communicating about sensitive topics of great importance. If you are looking for a secure communications solution, look no further than KryptAll, an encrypted telephone system that absolutely cannot be intercepted. The system will encrypt your call over the IP network if you are using their hardened modified “K Phone” or over the cellular data network if you are using the modified “K iPhone.”

KryptAll does this by codifying the audio of the call so it is incomprehensible to anyone except the direct party involved who is using certified and universally accepted encryption algorithms. The system also uses a global encrypted server infrastructure which is spread out through more than ten countries where intercepting or tapping phone calls is not even allowed by law. The server network is designed to make internal or external tampering completely impossible.

To prevent phone companies from keeping records of phone call data in their archives, KryptAll does not even use public telephone switches, which means no data is available. Their system works through internet connections and WiFi or 3G so content can be safely encrypted without a trace.

More Details

The phones come in two models: the home or desktop phone called the “K Phone”, which requires an internet connection through a network cable or WiFi, and the “K iPhone”, which operates over WiFi or a cellular data network.

If the person receiving your call is not also using KryptAll, your call will still be encrypted and safe up to the point where it connects with a regular phone network. Even if the person you are calling is monitored, your own caller identity cannot be traced.

Security Features

The company is continuously assigning you a different phone number that is not linked with the International Mobile Equipment Identity, so it will be impossible to trace your identity. For even higher security, calls enter regular phone networks from more than 100 different interconnection points on five continents. Every KryptAll phone has its own 6-digit network number, so KryptAll phones can use these corresponding numbers to call each other.

The data cryptographic engine at the heart of KryptAll is the National Institute of Standards and Technology from the United States and the Communications Security Establishment from Canada. The certified hardware Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm and the U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard provide a 140-2 Cryptographic Engine that is validated. This secure technology from KryptAll can be used on land, air, and sea worldwide, so your communication can even be completely safe from your private jet or your yacht!

KryptAll is used by heads of State, Fortune 500 companies, Executives, and Privacy Advocates around the world. You can call anyone anywhere in the world from your secure KryptAll phone. Call quality is just as clear as any other call, the encryption does not cause any delay, and there is no waiting period from when you call to when the phone rings. You can set your own display for what shows up on caller ID as well.

Buy KryptAll

To buy cell phones, contact the company through their website for more information. Some of their phones are also available through eBay. Prices range from about $5,000 to $10,000 for a secure ll phone, depending on the model phone you would like.

A KryptAll 24K gold-plated iPhone sells for $10,000 if you’re interested in the top-of-the-line product that will both give you security and spark a few conversations.

You cannot put a price on security. If your calls need absolute privacy, you have one choice: KryptAll!

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