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Unlock a new dimension of fitness with Nexersys, a cutting-edge exercise technology that revolutionizes your workout routine. Combining high-intensity training with interactive gaming, Nexersys delivers a dynamic and engaging fitness experience. From its responsive strike pads to personalized training programs, this innovative system caters to all fitness levels. Discover how Nexersys not only transforms your body but also makes exercise addictive and enjoyable. Elevate your fitness journey with this state-of-the-art solution that transcends traditional workouts, bringing excitement and effectiveness to every session.

What Are Nexersys Machines?

Nexersys machines provide high-intensity Boot Camp-style training sessions in the comfort of your home:

What is Nexersys?

Nexersys takes advantage of the mixed martial arts insurgence, along with people’s natural desire to fight and defend themselves, with its interactive striking products that allow ordinary people to train in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own homes.


Nexersys provides pro and home fitness units with pads in various positions on a frame to simulate your opponent in a mixed martial arts fight. A large monitor between the upper two pads allows a trainer to direct your movements and the fight in the direction that will be the best for your training.


The units offer a full-body workout experience that includes cardio, core, strike training, gaming, technique, high-intensity interval training, hand-eye coordination, skills training, functional training, and an interactive skills challenge.

Training Unlike other Aerobics

Think about it – what would you rather do? Run all those minutes on a boring old treadmill or spice up your ordinary workout with a Nexersys session. In fact, a recent study confirms that a Nexersys workout can burn up to five times as many calories as a simple treadmill workout.

Strike Training Paired with Image Training

And, strapping on a pair of boxing gloves and going toe-to-toe with an opponent is a fantasy that many people do not actually get to live out – Nexersys provides that opportunity for those of us who wish we still had our athletic ability from high school. There is just something satisfying and soul-releasing about the feel and sound of a boxing glove smacking into a pad that will keep you coming back for more.

Strike training works all of your muscle groups by providing a perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It improves all types of physical capacity, including strength, power, coordination, fitness, and endurance.

Plus you get to hit and kick people – Nexersys home fitness works great as a stress reliever!

How Nexersys Transforms Home Fitness

The Nexersys system offers five total activities – striking, core training, cardio training, Avatar “Follow Me” and Avatar “Strike Training.” You fight through a series of rounds according to the program you already have loaded that plays through the display. Each round lasts 4 minutes, including a short intro and wrap-up time.

Polish Your Technique

Even if you have never boxed a day in your life, Nexersys home fitness includes rounds dedicated to teaching you proper technique while you are throwing the strikes you need. Your trainer will demonstrate proper technique throughout the video as well.

Speed, Power, and Endurance

Your power, speed, endurance, and mental agility will all improve as you use Nexersys Home Fitness more and more. To help motivate you to reach your fitness goals, you can share, compare, and compete with your family, friends, or workout partners.

Nexerys comes with more than 100 professional training videos, along with unlimited 4-minute Avatar sparring rounds. Software updates are included free with the cost of the machine.

So what are you waiting for?

Hi, welcome to toysforbigboys.com. My name is Josh, your product specialist, and today we are talking about a very unique way to get in shape. We are talking about Nexersys. Now we have all seen boxers. We’ve seen “Rocky” and we’ve admired their bodies because they dedicate their lives to being as fit and as strong as possible. Strapping on a pair of gloves and going toe to toe with an opponent is a dream or a fantasy that a lot of us have but is very difficult to achieve. But there is something very cathartic, very healthy about putting your weight behind a good punch. Nexersys takes advantage of that idea as well as your body’s natural inclination to defend itself, your body’s fight or flight reflex, to provide a high-intensity workout to get your body into that fighting shape. Now Nexersys provides pro and home fitness units that simulate an opponent in a mixed martial arts fight. These units offer a full-body workout that includes cardio, core, strike training, and techniques that burn up to five times as many calories as you would in a simple treadmill workout or just walking around the block. A Nexersys system also offers five unique activities to do this. That is striking, core training, cardio training, and what they have, their own invention, the Avatar Follow Me and the Avatar Strike Training system. Each one puts you through a series of four intense rounds to really get your heart rate up and your muscles working. Even if you have never boxed a day in your life Nexersys includes rounds dedicated to teaching you proper techniques so you will learn, you will get better and you will get stronger. To help motivate you to reach your fitness goals, you can share compare, and compete against your friends and family so it turns it from just a simple workout into a game that you can play with your family and friends to really make sure that you are getting the most out of these workouts. Nexersys comes with over 100 professional training videos as well as unlimited four-minute sparring rounds. It really is an incredible machine, a very new take on working out, something that is very fun and very motivating so you will be sure to become as fit as you possibly can. I suggest you check it out. And while you are here on the website, go ahead and check out all the other amazing products we have. You will be very happy you did. Once again from toysforbigboys, my name is Josh. Have a great day.

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