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Onean Electric Jet Boards

Onean Electric Jet Boards

Ever wish you could surf, but have never been able to because you don’t live near the ocean where you can find actual waves? Your wait is over with Onean electric surfboards. These boards are made with electric engines that propel you forward by creating a jet of water that stretches out behind you. You can now surf without waves – lakes, channels, rivers and other still bodies of water are now your kingdom to enjoy.

Jet Board Models

Onean offers two electric surfboard models that speak to different adventurous spirits. Shaped more like a traditional longboard, the Carver is built for more extreme adventures – it allows you to slalom across the water at high speeds. Made with a CNC-shaped EPS core, the 440-watt dual-core brushless electric motor provides power for up to 20 minutes at high speed. The maximum speed of the Carver is still under testing.

Carver V Mata

If you like the idea of surfing on a river, but you don’t want quite as much adventure as the Carver provides, the Manta is designed specifically for you. The board is designed with a much more rectangular shape, which slows it down and allows for calmer trips where you can cruise along still water surfaces like a canal. It provides good buoyancy and is very stable, which helps prevent unexpected dunkings. The Manta reaches top speeds of 7-8 km/hour with more than two hours of continuous usage time from a single charge.

Board Details

For both models, a high-efficiency axial water pump was designed and built by Aquila Boards, Onean’s parent company. The top-of-the-line electrical drive components were designed by their engineering company specifically for Aquila boards. They offer smooth power control to the handheld device that allows users to control the board. The electric jets are environmentally friendly while still providing maximum power.

A third model called the Blade is currently in development.

More Details

Ocean Products is based in the Basque Country in Spain. The company’s location provides them access to broad industrial experience combined with a huge surfing culture – a fantastic combination for producing their new boards. Their team uses everyone’s skill to overcome the challenges involved in such an inventive product.

Onean has been developing its electric surfboard designs since 2013, with help from Bizintek Innova, their Product Development Engineering Company. They validated the product in 2014 and have launched the first models in 2015.

Buy Onean Products and Electric Jet Boards

Interested customers can buy Onean electric jet boards directly from the Onean website. The Carver model for those who want to slalom is priced at 3,450 Euros (about $4,000). The package includes one Carver electric jet board, one wireless remote, one battery, one charger, one fin set, one-foot strap, and one leash.

If you are interested in the Manta model, you will pay 3,650 Eur000fin set, one-foot strap, and one leash.

Extra waterproof batteries for each board can be purchased for 1,150 Euros, or about $1,300. Extra batteries are worth the investment, especially if you’re entertaining guests who won’t want to wait two hours for a full recharge before they’re back out enjoying the water.

If you’re looking for an innovative new product that will provide a thrill where you previously could only see a flat, still body of water, Onean electric surfboards are the product for you. There’s something about the feeling of speeding low over the water that brings out the adventurous side of everyone. Check them out today!

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