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Surf Saunas

The Surf Sauna is a warm, relaxing retreat for surfers who brave the winter waters:

Surf Saunas offers an elegant solution to an age-old problem that every diehard surfer has come up against at least once in their lives. The problem? Great waves in the winter.

While it’s easy for the layperson to believe that great waves and great weather are mutually exclusive, every surfer knows this just isn’t the case. In fact, some of the absolute best waves of the year come during the coldest period of the year, and in some of the coldest environments.

For example, Tofino, British Columbia is widely regarded as the hub of surfing in Canada. National Geographic even named it one of the best surf towns in the world. Yet the waves and the weather rarely warm up, even during the summer months.

Simply put, surfing fanatics who want to catch the best waves in the world must regularly brave cold water. The Surf Saunas are your portable (towed on a trailer), covered, completely enclosed miniature sauna to help you warm yourself after you find yourself surfing in less-than-desirable weather conditions. Of course, its applications also extend far beyond surfing to any cold-weather sport or activity.

Surf Sauna Story

The company hails from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The entire team of passionate surfers grew up braving the biting cold of New England waters during the summer and winter months. It was instantly obvious to them that a solution to the extreme cold was needed.

That’s when the saunas come into the picture. The team of master craftsmen quickly dedicated themselves to the project. In short order, it went from dreams to reality. After years of tossing around the idea, the sauna was here.

About the Surf Sauna

The Surf Sauna is an incredibly unique product. Even just looking at it will tug on your heartstrings, giving you that ache to get back into the water.

A fully enclosed structure (it resembles a small camp trailer), the Surf Sauna is constructed primarily from beautiful western red cedar wood. Aluminum, stainless, and galvanized steel are added for more support and to tie the whole structure together. The entire Surf Sauna is hand-built.

Sauna Features

Best of all, the Surf Sauna is constructed to your exact specifications. Almost every inch of the structure can be customized and modified to your needs and preferences. For example, one of the most commonly customized aspects is size. Surf Sauna has created models that accommodate anywhere from two people all the way up to eighteen people.


The sauna is powered by a propane stove. It also features a built-in trailer, a rack for your boards, and a high-lift jack and shovel. The company also offers an optional off-road kit with wider tires. All of this is done in an attempt to make the Surf Sauna as versatile as possible. It is just at home on a snowy beach as it is on the highway.


One last characteristic of the sauna worth mentioning is its incredible durability. The team behind the product knows that it is a long-term investment. They want to make each sauna last. That’s where the western red cedar comes into the picture. This type of wood is naturally rot-resistant and antimicrobial. The marine-grade galvanized and stainless steel used on the chassis and hardware will hold up to years of saltwater exposure.

Warm Up in the Surf Sauna

If you regularly brave freezing temperatures to catch great waves, then the Surf Sauna is definitely a product worth considering. We mean, c’mon, imagine how nice it would be to warm up in your own private sauna after an epic day out on the water.

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