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Personal Watercraft

Personal watercraft (PWCs), often known as jet skis, are exhilarating waterborne vehicles that blend speed and agility. Designed for one to three riders, these compact vessels offer an adrenaline-packed aquatic experience. With powerful engines and nimble handling, PWCs can reach thrilling speeds and execute sharp turns, providing a dynamic and interactive ride. Whether carving through waves, exploring waterways, or towing thrill-seekers, personal watercraft amplify the joy of aquatic adventures, contributing to an enriched and vibrant lifestyle on the open waters.

Personal Watercraft by Nauticraft

Nauticraft specializes in personal electric watercraft, pedal, and sailboats:

The fun and relaxation that comes with owning a small personal watercraft that is right at your fingertips. Each Nauticraft personal watercraft offers a level of comfort and efficiency that other pedal and small boats simply can’t match. You’ll enjoy your time on the water in your Nauticraft personal watercraft without the noise and smell of a gasoline engine. Plus, their sleek and modern designs make all Nauticraft models eye-catching fixtures out on the water. With four different boat models from which to choose, Nauticraft is sure to have the perfect boat for you, whether you’re pedaling, sailing, or cruising with an electric motor into the sunset.

Personal Watercraft Models

The Encore

The Encore is the perfect personal watercraft choice for couples and families. With side-by-side fully padded recumbent seats and a bench seat in the rear, a group of four people can take a spin out on the lake with ease. But don’t be fooled by its size, one person alone can navigate the Encore handily through the water, regardless of the propulsion method. A conveniently placed steering handle allows control of the maneuverable double rudder system. There is plenty of storage room on the front shelf and under the rear seat for things such as towels, beverages, cameras, and other electronics. The Encore’s hull is self-bailing and therefore requires no bilge pump.

The Encore comes in three types: the Encore P (Pedal Propulsion), the Encore P/E (Pedal and Electric Motor Propulsion), and the Encore E (Electric Motor Propulsion), which range in price from $4,350 to $5,850.

The Escapade

This pedal-powered vessel, with its sleek design, is suitable for use in harbors, bays, ocean inlets, and lakes. It can also be used for transportation to an offshore yacht or island home. The boat’s efficient Nauticraft designed single pedal drive system turns a 15″ propeller, moving water feel effortless, reaching speeds up to 5 mph. A spade-type rudder provides easy and effective turning capability, controlled by a side-mounted steering handle. The sailboat-type hull positions the operator down inside the cockpit. The Escapade features a dry shelf up front for items you don’t want to get wet, and a stretch cord retaining system around the front perimeter of the cockpit to keep life jackets, towels, emergency paddles, and even a beverage, safely tucked away. A rear bench seat comfortably fits one to two people and has a molded-in storage compartment underneath the seat cushion.

The Escapade comes in two types: the Escapade High Windshield/Arch and the Escapade Low Windshield. Both of these pedal boat models can be yours for only $3,150.

The Sprite

Finally a pedal boat experience for two with features not found in the other Nauticraft models. The Sprite’s all-in-one drive system does not require a shaft. Instead, the propeller is attached to the drive unit itself for easy removal and use. The Sprite offers more versatility with the kick-up rudder and removable drop-in drive units, making it easier to beach and use in shallow water. Going alone? Not a problem! Drop in a drive unit in the center of the Sprite, re-position the seat, and off you go! You are the power behind this boat, which sells for $2,475.

The Tribute

This sprightly little sailing dinghy is a throwback to the days when a sailboat wasn’t a sailboat unless it had at least two sails, no matter its size. Yet, here is the sloop rigged Tribute with modern lines, produced with contemporary materials and methods. Its modest dimensions (13’2″ length) belie its capacity for sailboat fun. This is a sailboat that was designed to be easily sailed by one person but will carry up to 3. The Tribute has a generously sized cockpit with molded-in fore and aft seating. All corners and edges are rounded for maximum comfort.

Whichever model you choose, you can find comfort in the dedication and attention to detail that went into designing your personal watercraft. Whether you’re a die-hard sailor, looking to pedal around the water for exercise, or just want to kick back and let your electric motor take you down the current, Nauticraft has a boat for you.

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