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TFBB Winter Toys


My name John Fisher, welcome to I wanna talk about the specific category. Usually we talk about companies, but today I wannna talk about each category, or a lot of the categories, and one of the categories as dear to me happens to be winter toys.

This could be anything from snowmobiles to… hey, what about a robotic snow blower? You know, how about like being in your living room window, looking out the window and actually controlling the robot that does all the blowing for you. You don’t even have to put a jacket on or gloves or anything.

But if you’re looking at the snowmobiles or looking for winter toys, some of the companies we feature are SnowGo, and they have the snow trike, Foil Skis, we’ve got Crazy Mountain Snowmobiles, and their boards man, I’ve seen those, Surf Sauna and the Robot Shop robotic snow-blower. Think about that. Just when you think they have all the ideas, they come out with a robotic snow-blower? I mean I love that idea.

If you’ve got any kind of questions at all, call Vicki at 5613528002. Thank you for your time, check out the website, have yourself a beautiful day, and God bless.