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Racing Simulators

The introduction of the racing simulator revolutionized the thrill of motorsports by merging cutting-edge technology with the passion for racing. These immersive virtual environments recreate the adrenaline-pumping experience of driving high-performance vehicles, offering enthusiasts a realistic and dynamic platform to hone their skills. From hyper-realistic graphics to precise physics, racing simulators provide an authentic racing experience, allowing players to compete in virtual championships and explore the limits of speed and precision.

Vesaro Racing Simulator

Vesaro has created the world’s only fully-modular commercial-grade simulator:

The Vesaro I is an advanced modular simulation system that reaches the peak of training and entertainment. It is based on an incredibly strong center core center options for upgrades and adaptations that allow for thousands of possible rig setups. The modular nature of the racing simulator lets you start with the core model and add the equipment and functionality you need when you need it. With over 200 modules currently available, users can go from the core system to a triple-screen, full-motion physics simulator.


Hundreds of modules allow users to customize the racing simulator to suit their exact needs. With options for different steering setups, five different motion-simulation settings, a state-of-the-art Tactile Feedback System, THX 5.1 Surround Sound, options for up to three displays, and countless other customizations, there is virtually no limit to this simulator. Whether you need to train under the most realistic race or flight conditions a simulator can offer, or simply want to experience the thrill of racing in the driver’s seat, the Vesaro I can provide you with everything you require.

Racing Simulator Design and Manufacturing

A British Design and Manufacturing company with its Headquarters in the heart of Kent in England. From here we Design, Engineer, and Build some of the world’s most advanced simulators. Our core product is the world’s only commercial-grade modular simulation system, offering versatility that has never been seen before. In addition to the core modular system Vesaro design and build Flight, Helicopter Simulators, and Formula body style F1 simulators, making Vesaro a complete solution for your entertainment and training needs.


The central core rig is built with full motion capability in mind and therefore is designed to be super strong and rigid, this approach allows you to start with a non-motion core rig and upgrade later.


 A choice of professional Cobra seats for the ultimate comfort and authenticity, with the ability to upgrade or change your seat choice to suit your exact needs.


 The pedal plate can be easily adjusted backward and forwards and up and down to accommodate a wide range of driving styles and people.  In addition, the seat can be easily adjusted using the quick-release handle.

System Support

 Supports the most popular control systems as well as advanced professional Vesaro control systems offering unrivaled flexibility.

 Comes in a Black finish with custom colors available for bespoke commercial orders.

 Vesaro PC systems are custom-built for SIM racing and feature the highest quality components to power your Vesaro simulator with the highest performance possible.

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