jet pack by SCPMI a woman swimming in a pool


What is the SCPMI Underwater Jet Pack?

Everyone wants to be a superhero, right? Until now, no one has been quite sure how to go about it, especially if the realm you want to conquer and defend is underwater. It’s impossible to hold your breath long enough to get anything significant done (because you are under your own power) and SCUBA gear provides oxygen, but not much extra speed. Enter the x2 Sport, the world’s first wearable underwater jet pack!

The x2 Sport is a wearable propulsion system that revolutionizes the underwater experience. You will find the adrenaline of action sports in the underwater world, which will enable you to explore the ocean with the speed, grace and precision of a dolphin. You will venture deeper and farther than you have ever imagined with the x2 Sport.

Here is the basic concept – the power that the patented Hydra thrusters generate propels you through the water even faster than an Olympic swimmer can go. The x2 produces the effort so you can save your limited oxygen and energy during longer duration dives. The x2 was designed and built for swimmers, snorkelers, extreme sports enthusiasts and more, including anyone who loves spending time in the water. Directing yourself through the water is simple – just point your arms where you want to go. This action will direct the thrust in the proper direction and you will be at your destination before you know it.

More Details

The x2 is designed in several pieces that connect together as a whole. The wearable backpack includes an integrated control system and the batteries that provide the power. A soft silicone mounting cuff connected to a high power Hydra thruster attaches to each forearm. The thruster is connected by a hose to the battery pack on your back. The batteries provide about 60 minutes of run time with normal use.

You can control your speed with the x2 using a throttle grip which is attached to you (so you will not lose it even if you happen to let go). The trigger gives you complete control of how fast you are going, which lets you set an easy, relaxed pace or up your game to a top speed of six miles per hour.

The x2 does not restrict your movement, so you are free to twist, turn and spin however you like. Your hands can even be free if you want to take photos.

Buy the Underwater Jet Pack

The x2 underwater jet pack is a product of Super Marinovation. You can contact the company through their website or on their Indigogo page for more information. Three different models of the x2 are available: the x2 Sport with 3.6 kW of total power and a top speed of 6 mph for $3,000, the x2 Traveller with 2.0 kW of total power and a top speed of 4 mph for $2,000 and the x2 Pro with increased power, higher battery capacity and interchangeable batteries. The price for the x2 Pro is yet to be determined. Models will be available beginning in 2016.